2nd-hand Choppers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dark_Swamp, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Tut Tut Mr brown!!
  2. What ever next?

    How in need of repair are these choppers going to be? Won't be a good move if they start dropping out of the sky..
  3. Who will fly them?
  4. The host nations.

    The idea is that a couple of the richer nations pay into a central fund that then pays out to countries like Hungary to get their old HIPs repaired and then such countries offer to send those helicopters and their crews to support NATO operations.

    Will fall flat on its face: the cost of repairing a helicopter is nothing compared to the regular maintenence and servicing required (in terms of men and equipment) in order to keep it in the air.

    Why are these helicopters unservicable in the first place? Answer is not lack of spare parts, but that the various countries cannot afford the pilot hours, fuel, service items, etc.
  5. Is this anyway to run a war Prime Minister :shakefist: if only this was in the Naafi i would be more discriptive of my contempt :x
  6. Not a Jeremy Beadle thread, then?

    Christ on a bike, just when you think the cheese can't be pared any further, these fools come up with another way to disgust me.

    Ah Hell, it's only soldiers lives that're at risk after all. Not anything important, like money. :x
  7. We've been round this buoy before... I think last time they were looking at leasing civvie ones, ex Soviet Army.

    This won't get far - and lets face it, who wants to fly around in a badly maintained Hip anyway? They (Hips) have kept the undertaker trade in business in various parts of the world, with a bit of help from SFOR, KFOR and the UN...

    There are however plenty of 'decent' airframes (Chinooks, Pumas) out there doing very little when compared to some of their Brit, Canadian and Dutch counterparts - Spain and Italy may have a few to offer...

    But Guardian 3A's point is valid - who will fly them? No point having money to pay for fuel and maintenance or indeed to get them into theatre if the countries that put them up are to worried about letting their aircrew fly them in a proper war zone....

    Paper over the cracks, Gordon, I'm afraid...
  8. Is he still looking at this old chesnut - I was working on this the last time that MOD and FCO told NO 10 flat out that this simply wasn't feasible. I wish Cyclops would pay more attention to his briefs!
  9. I only opened this thread because I thought we were reviewing another sex-change C4 documentary!
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Don't get me wrong - shoot me down in flames if this is the wrong thing to suggest but . . . why doesn't the cnut provide enough money for us to fix our OWN helichoppers? After all, we've got lots of broken ones ourselves that need fixing.

    This takes the term 'the borrowers' to new lows this does.

    Tell you what, why don't we see if Mr Mugabe has any spare - after all, he's Broon's friend isn't he?
  11. Hee Hee good thoughts Biped!
  12. from the Sun comments, say it all really -

  13. I would be interested in being shown which helicopters are lying round right now gathering dust.
  14. The helos are russian era kit mainly - a lot of stuff that is in use or lying in hangars, but which needs upgrading. There is a facility capable of doing the job, but the funding mechanism required is totally unwieldy, and the whole idea is doomed to failure. Once more this is Brown ignoring advice from very experienced people who told him that it simply isn't a runner.
  15. Why don't they get all the tanks out of the tank museum at bovi as well,perhaps then we can have another armoured regt as well.