2nd-hand Choppers -- gloves off --

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by halo_jones, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. Cyclops fcuk off and do one, your a cnuting wnaker and i would like to think that sleep less well than that lieing cnut Bliar...

    Your understanding of the forces could be written on the back of a compo match book but your piss poor attitude towards them would fill volumes

    Your are in fact nothing more than a 2nd hand chopper.... :x :shakefist:
  2. Ohh thats not hugely friendly!!
  3. Halo,
    That is just so unfair to nice Mr Brown. He has to think of all those poor souls in the PLP and keeping them - and their families - in employment. The only time when Defence comes to the top of the heap is when there are votes at stake. You know the sort of thing; making sure that contracts are let in marginal seats; demostrating impartiality by putting troops on trial for unsubstantiated war crimes allegations; making faux-grand announcements on new builds that will not come into place until a time when all those serving are out..........
    Share a gentle thought for the compassionate soul in No 10.
  4. Great, a NAAFI thread on the subject.


    I get the feeling the swear filter will be taking a beasting on this one.
  5. No i shall not in fact i want to add that i believe him to be cluseless and perhaps even a greater danger than billy fecking no mates blair he at least could use his blind faith and zealotry as some sort of piss poor defence in court...

    One eye what defence has he?

    The bad men made me do it?
    It was a systemic failure on the my part time SofS for Def?
    I took my one good eye off the ball?

    No he is CNUT ....

  6. Is anyone surprised what this government does, or says, or promises to do and then does nothing?.
  7. Oh dear.
    Halo, I shall ask that reknowned convert Mr Blair to pray for your soul.........
    I have been ODing on the irony tablets of late.
    I find a government that will inject billions of pounds into a failed bank to avoid a panic on the market understandable but to then refuse to adequately fund the Armed forces that the same government commits to protracted (and in one case immoral if not illegal) wars contemptable.
    Still, as long as there are reality TV shows, celebrity come dancing and the like, Joe Public will not share your sense of outrage and, as I said earlier, there are precious few votes in defence......
  8. how right you are i wish no pray that the quicker the the last three wheels fall off the wagon perhaps then we can start again new brush clean sweep and all that...

    I do imagine though meeting said fcuktard and beating him black and blue with said brush...

    never let it be said there is not a correct time and place to be a fishwife...
  9. Got to save some money for the Politcians new kichens :evil:
  10. I thought it was a classified add for Legs old manhood! ;)
  11. no longer outraged by the liebour.... im on to sickened now.
  12. "2nd hand choppers" - well, I'm worse than 2nd hand, but I'm afraid I'm not for sale
  13. OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Stop bad mouthing my friend MR MUGABIBROWN!!
  14. what did cyclops say??
  15. If you want to know about choppers PM The_Guru. He appeared on a 1977 episode of Blue Peter on his Raleigh Chopper,apparently it took 5 takes for him to ride into television centre without falling off,and on the 4th attempt,Peter Purves is alleged to have described him as a "useless f*ckstain".