2nd Fd Regt

There maybe a few ex 2nd members that visit the site Q. Just wait for the PMs to roll in as they will not give you there names openly on the Gunners Board (my rules). Hope you get a few as there is still a few in my unit.
i was there too! nice to see some old faces again.....dont get too excited EXBQMS you will put your back out again!
Pug you sprog, good to see you there mate, I will be calling in at Topcliffe soon, Light Gun eh BBBBBBBBBbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, no BV, no heater, thank god for the CP with its blue flame he he
when are you here mate give us a ring.....have you still got my number??? we still have the 43's in HQ, beats being a bunny!
Hi Im new here, I served with 2nd Field during Gulf One. I was on a Battery Command post in 23 Battery, we were attached to 2nd for the war.
Good Regt and a Good bunch of lads.
To EXBQMS I think we might have something in common and I dont mean the L/N conection yes I served with them as well. See you around somtime water boy
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