2nd Dragoon Guards, 1920-1925

Looking for any Info about the 2nd Dragoon Guards (The Queens Bays) in the mentioned years.
We are chasing information about my grandfather: Andrew Wilson Craik.
Andrew was born in 1901 and died in 1960. He enlisted in 1921 we believe, and was de-mobbed in
Colchester in 1924. His father was Alexandra Craik and mother Margaret.
We do have an old photo of Andrew in India with the Dragoons.

Any info at all will be greatfully received. We live in Australia now and its not easy to get to
the National Archives. Any other pointers also welcomed. i.e. about access to Andrews Service Record.
Andrew's daughter, Patricia, is alive and well also living here in Australia.

Best Regards....Lynn Gerrard Email: tomgerrard@hotmail.com
2nd Dragoon Guards was a cavalry regiment, I believe an antecedent regiment of what is now the Queens Dragoon Guards (QDG). You should try getting in touch with the QDG regimental association or Home Headquarters. You can probably find the contact details through Google, otherwise you might speak to Midnight or one of the other ex-QDG types who hang around here and who can probably point you in the right direction.

Also as this concerns a cavalry/RAC regiment, it should be moved to the RAC section (Mods?). You may find it quicker just to repost there.
The Queens Dragoons Guards Museum formerly the 2nd Dragoon Guards (The Queens Bays) is at Cardiff Castle, see below for help with your inquiry.

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