2nd Class e-mails?

I've been using Yahoo mail for the last couple of years, and until recently I've been very pleased with it. Unfortunately though I've started receiving some of my e-mails sometimes two to three days after they've been sent.

Just last night, I received an e-mail confirming my bid on Ebay, for something I'd won and paid for two days before. This is, as you may imagine, rather annoying.

Has anyone else had similar problems with Yahoo mail, or indeed other e-mail providers?

My ISP is Orange, and I occasionally receive an email an hour or so after I know it has been sent.

However, I quite often get very long delays in messages from eBay, which I suspect is down to them and not the ISP. More than once I have received the "Item is ending soon" message after I have won the item, paid for it, and it has been delivered.
Yesterday, through Blueyonder, an 18 hour delay in an bid confirmation email from ebay. Most of that was in the Virgin ISP AV/Spam filter. Maybe there was a lot of fake or virus ridden email being spoofed from ebay yesterday afternoon?
Happens all the time with virgin/blueyonder, some never arrive at all. Even so I don't find it half as annoying as my mobile (O2), I sometimes get voicemails weeks after they have been left with some pretty important stuff on.
I heard once that if you posted identical emails at nearly the same time, but in one of them include words such as 'bomb', 'president' and 'hostage', the one with the keywords will arrive several hours later due to interception by the FBI.

I'm fully expecting this post to take about a week before it reaches the ARRSE forums. Especially now I've added the words 'Pope', 'suicide bomber' and 'genocide'.

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