2nd Bn The Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters)

Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment (Worcesters and Foresters), who returned from a six-month tour of Afghanistan in September will exercise their right to the Freedom of Worksop and Retford, led by the Regimental mascot, Private Derby.

The people of Retford, from which 2 MERCIAN recruit, are invited to line the routes that the 300 soldiers will parade along.

The soldiers will form up at Churchgate at 10.30am and march down Churchgate, past the cannon into Chapelgate. The parade will turn right onto Arlington Way along to the junction at Albert Road/London Road. It will go over Carolgate Bridge onto Carolgate and continue to Market Place. The soldiers will finish their parade on Churchgate.

The parades are a chance for the military to thank the towns for their support during what proved to be a tough tour of Afghanistan.

The Battalion took part in heavy fighting during their six month tour and engaged many times with the enemy. They were responsible for the training and mentoring of the Afghan National Army, giving them the skills they need to enable them to take over responsibility for security, stability and reconstruction and improve the day-to-day lives of the Afghan people.
Yep, I'd like to know the date too; I worked with these lads up till when they left Afghan.
The Freedom of Retford? Welcome to it!

Seriously, have a fantastic day out and well done...again!
Agreed-3 cheers for Mercian.

Sadly, given the area, what price a bit of grandstanding from 3rd generation chav Muslims?*

*can I say that? Won't get me into trouble will it? Will I get a midnight knock on the door from Harridan Harperson's thought police? I'm awful a'feared*

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