2nd Bn Coldstream Guards swaggercane

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Hat20, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Young hat20 has been given by his Grandmother a swaggercane silver topped with Coldstream Guards badge on it,the cane(3ft long) has 2 G- 57378-2CG cut/burnt into it.
    The number an Officer's ? and could it date the stick? any Guardsmen throw some light perhaps.
  2. Try the following site and if necessary follow-up with an e-mail enquiry to Coldstream Guards. Good hunting - although colloquially known in the Brigade of Guards as 'The Sheep Shaggers' - I am sure they will give you every assistance they can. :D

    Out of interest, please post the final result here.
  3. Many thanks,will do! will I get special treatment if I refer to them as 'Sheep Shaggers' :D
  4. They'll probably invite you to RHQ and ask you to furnish them with a large pair of wellies - if you are invited to visit Coldstream RHQ, don't bend down to pick up a shiny coin or anything for that matter. :twisted: :twisted: