2nd BEF 4 Field Bakery RASC 1940

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Desalman, May 14, 2010.

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  1. I'm searching for ideas of how to further a search for more info about an ancestor.
    He was Pvt Seth Plant who served with 4 Field Bakery in 1939-40. I have his service number and know he is buried at Mouchard village in France. The confusing thing is that his date of death is November 1940, there is only one British soldier buried at Mouchard and the village is in the Jura some 200+ miles EAST of Le Mans which was the 'HQ Lines of Communications' prior to the evacuation of France in the summer of 1940.

    My initial assumptions are that he was part of the force left behind to cover the evacuation and that he attempted subsequently to make his way to Switzerland to escape captivity.

    How to get more info???? Was he travelling alone or were there a group? Did any make it? I will visit Mouchard when next in France but am not hopeful of much info there after all this time.
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  3. Pararegtom,
    I got the details of where the grave is etc from the War Graves Commission site and, when next in France, will visit the village. Its other details I would like to find. ie How, where, when etc etc.
  4. I have done a few research jobs like this one and your best bet is to ask the locals, in these single grave cases there may well be some one still living with the infomation you need, the language might be a problem though, I have recently done one on a Welsh Soldier who died at Agincourt, no grave but a Church window dedicated to him
  5. Possibly he was wounded and in the German medical evacuation system when he died and was buried.
  6. I have found him.

    He was captured, imprisoned in Frontstalag 142 at Besancon. He escaped through the sewers with nine others. Two got away, seven were re-captured, Pvt Plant was shot. They (or he) got about 25 miles south, heading for the Vichy Zone (?).

    I have no idea what happened to the others.

    I will still visit and try to find any local memories, and yes, the language is likely to be an issue as my French is not very good.
  7. fascinating story mate, keep us updated......

  8. Be carefull this kind of thing can become adictive,
  9. Too right it can Tropper, SWMBO is already an ancestry buff. Mind you, she has traced her family back to 1160 so thats not bad.