2nd Battalion East Yorks from WW2 to Palestine & Egypt

Hi chaps

I'm trying to piece together a timeline of my late grandfather's World War 2 service and the post-war Egypt and Palestine stuff is stumping me. In fact if anyone can help generally with the sequence of events that would be great.

He was in 2nd Battalion the East Yorks (14206345) and landed on Sword Beach on D-Day.

I believe he was in Bremen when the war ended in Europe.

I know he was in Egypt at some stage after the war ened - which apparently involved guarding German prisoners (mostly comprised of Rommel's desert korps) until such time that they could be re-patriated. He told me that at this point their relationship with the German prisoners was reasonably cordial and if anything they were united against Egyptians bandits!

He was also in Palestine, I believe until 1947 but this is where I may be muddling up the chronology.

To make matters more confusing, when he returned to civvy life he actually joined the TA but I don't think that involved any travel.

It would be much appreciated if anyone can help. I always spoke to my grandad about the war, but it was always in an ad-hoc fashion and I wish I'd made some notes!

Cheers chaps
Can't help you with the East Yorks though 1KOSB experienced pretty much the same postings, finished the War in Germany then moved to Egypt end of '45 served there and in Palestine until 1948, the Argylls did much the same too.
If you want to pm me his full name and number, I'll have a look on the Palestine 1945-48 Medal Roll and see if I can find him.
2nd East Yorks were the 'middle' infantry battalion in 8 Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, which fits with wat you've said - landing on Sword and ending up at Bremen. There are two good divisional histories - Norman Scarfe's 'Assault Division' and Patrick Delaforce's 'Monty's Ironsides'.

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