2nd arrest in 2 years

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by WelshSoldierPontypool, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Orite guys just a quick question. I'v passed ADSC and i'm due to start training in November. I got arrested on the weekend for fighting on the town, Its the second time this has happened, the first time being 2 years ago (caution, no fine). Will this cause any problems? Do i have to tell the ACIO. It was self defence so i wanted to contest (go to court) but i decided to take the £80 fine for affrey because i thought that could cause more problems if it didnt go my way. Have i done the right thing? Cheers WSP
  2. HMMM..
  3. From experience, I've found that if you're honest about something (in the Army) then they **** you just as much as if you were less honest. Therefore, mum's the word.
  4. Declare all to the AFCO, or you might end up out on your arse sonny jim. Speak to real people at the AFCO rather than internet Phil. Also, stop being a crim. That might help you no end.
  5. Think you could end up in a world of hurt mate specially because you have already admitted and taken the fine for affray, which is a lot worse than just fighting. But best bet would probably be to just let the AFCO know and see what happens. Could get lucky.
  6. How about you just stop playing the hardman and keep out of trouble, is this a sign of how you'll be if your accepted and get through basic? ie, always in bother.
  7. Always in bother? I wouldnt exactly call it that!! Apart from these two incidents when a couple of pints has got a bit out of hand (the second time being self defence, not gunna bother going in to it) i've never been in trouble with the police, hardly a murderer am i? 8O :?

    Still, i think its probably best to tell the ACIO and just pray that it doesnt ruin my chances....

    Thanks for the replies all
  8. I think fines can be unspent for 3 years...But I had fines for speeding which have now expired but they werent when applied! However driving and fighting may be seen in different light!
  9. If the £80 fine was a Penalty Notice For Disorder then it can't be for Affray. It must be for either Drunk and Disorderly or Section 5 Public Order (Being a knob in public).

    A PND is not a conviction or caution, it's an official bollocking costing £80.

    I would fess up and just ask the staff.

    Oh, and stop being a knob in public! :lol:

  10. So you admit to getting a bit punchy when you've had a drink,, both times resulting in Police involvement, you'll go far.

    Admit all it can only go in your favour, be honest with the ACIO and in future just walk away, you'll be thankful the following morning.
  11. A gobby Welsh tw*t that can't hold his drink, don't waste the Army's time. Move to Bridgend.
  12. Tell all to the Careers advisor, tell them you accepted the affray caution as it would be less drawn out time-wise as you didn't want a court case, guilty or not guilty, to delay your training.

    Now here is the main bit of advice;

    Run quicker and don't get caught next time you dozzy bugga! :) I'm not going to say 'don't do it again' like some of the feckin do-gooders on here, just stop getting caught.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  13. Just stay out of The George - The Winning Horse - The Globe - The White Hart - The Yew Tree - The Masons Arms - The New Moon and The Royal Oak and that's just for starters.

    Don't end a career that could take you out of that sh1thole before you have even started it you complete coxk!

    I've been watching you - get back on line before you lose it all.
  14. this bloke has spoke the most sense on this thread everyone had a bit of bother here and there, but heres a couple of rules that will help you out when dealing with our fine police force

    1.DONT get caught (run forrest run!)

    2.blame it on the other person

    3.deny deny deny

    dont worry yourself about it just be honest and curb the anger after a few and youll be fine good luck withit all even though you wont need it
  15. this can serious **** up a career