2nd and last post

Hi all,

I am off a week on Monday, swapping a green uniform, for a blue one, no not Tesco's, but the Police Service. (What a pain in the backside that process was).

It will be starnge handing in my ID card, but I am that old now, that it does not look like me anymore.

As my wife and many other's have said through the ages at the 11th hour, 'It's time to go'.

I wish those in continued service a prosperous, but above all a safe time.

Good luck to you all.
Good luck in your new career
Good luck to you in the future and hope the transition into civvy street goes well for you.

Ps if you see a bunch of squaddies making ARRSES of themselves then advise them nicely to behave themselves and give them the benefit, hopefully they will take note. Also if you pick up a drunken old squaddie called IRON one night could you give me a ride home in your na na car.

Good luck
Good luck mate all the best in your new job

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