i run 2miles a day...cos this road is nick-named the straight mile! defanatly not str8 but sure is a mile :D , i run up the straight FLAT mile then bk dwn the straight FLAT mile in 12-13 minutes...i got 11 wen i pushed myself, but threw up at the end....

**EDIT** sorry that is no hill lol

is this a good time do ya reckon?....and wot wud be my time at 1.5miles...about...8-9mins??

ive jus quit smokin to...and i can say it feels like ive jus grew an extra lung...ive only quit for bout a week...i would advise it to any smokers...take up exercising as a substutute to smoking...worked for me!!!
run down it to start with then back up, if you can do it in the same time ill be impressed, you are only working hard for the first mile and freewheeling back in. which is significantly less tiring.
ah sorry it seems like i ment its a hill...its near enuff str8...

but i do seem to really power the first bit...and really slow down...i think id be better on a treadmill with a blind fold....cos i tend to slow more and more down as i get closer to the finish line
the time for you p.b (at 11 mins) was pretty good I would say... for 2 miles... always room for improvement though I suppose. The 12, 13 mins arent quite as great.

back in my main heyday of running (which was atleast 10 years ago now) I could push 2 miles in 10 mins but was breathing out of my arse at the end.

do understand that it is difficult to push yourself against a non-tangible like the clock, invariably got my best times when runing with a friend of similar abilities as the constant vying/competing helped both improve on times.

EDIT: missed the bit about the hill.... any of these timed things are best done on a flat route or it throws out the performance figures.
Put a cat in the microwave before you go out.

On a low heat if you are back in ten minutes it should survive.
otherwise you are running too slowly.
sorry bout the confusion...there is not hill, i neva take a drink to run with...could my times improve if i drank during running?
Its only 1.5 miles your more likely to lose time from slowing down when you physically drink and if you get a stitch.

yeh that cud work a lil...but also i seem to get closer and closer but near enuff stop wen i get within seeing distance
Well dont bloody stop then? On a more positive not to this, when you're running this with other people you'll be subconciously competing and your time should go down as long as you have the competitive attitude that frankly they're looking for anyway.
Ten minutes is also enough time for five students to bone your lady, too slow & six of the fcukers will get in there & you'll be in for sloppy sevenths.
I don't want you to think that I'm picking on you Barber1989 but you've started 3 threads in 2 days and posted just 11 times! Your threads have been something to do with a bulge in your tummy after 15 sit ups and.......... 1.5 miles and..........2 miles!!!

Whether you run 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5miles etc. the training is just the same....... Get out and run FFS.

Looking forward to your next htread.... 2.5 miles per chance?
barber1989 said:
sorry if i upset ur D+G, jus am really worried that i may not be fit enuff...n to get into army is near enuff a dream for me...i need this...
You havn't upset me Barber1989 my friend. But it's easy to clog bandwidth on seemingly either irrelevant (not yours though) or already covered threads (in your case it's been covered many times). Search in the suitable forum and all your questions will be ansewerd and your dreams will come true.... Good luck.

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