2Lt to Lt Promotion

Was just wondering...

When can I expect to recieve my 2nd pip? I've been commissioned for just over a year now.

Mates in the regs who commissioned around the same time have now been promoted after a year. So is it different for the TA?

There used to be a requirement that you were fit for role (ie done PCBC if infantry) before getting Lt. Unfortunately the world's gone soft and that's no longer the case.

In the TA Group A you should be promoted after your 12 months probation is satisfactorily completed. It's up to your unit's G1 chain to positively declare it though, it won't just happen. Make sure your Adj has actually sent in the paperwork with the tick in the box and signed by the CO.

If you're Group B, your rank ceiling is 2Lt. Anyone reading this who actually thought that rule up - all hail to you; OCs up and down the land thank you for it.
He's not yet gazetted as Lt, no.

Remember, if you were on the May 2004 course or later, module 5 is mandatory.

Abacus, could we have a sticky for officers who transferred into the new system midway through their commissioning process as most don't understand the importance of Mod 5?
Can someone tell the arrse audience exactly what Module 5 is?!

It was something which was touched on very briefly at Sandhurst (a sentence saying - 'you need to do mod 5'). With no detail as to what it entails.

Many Thanks
Module 5 consists of 3 weekends
- Managing Soldiers
- Mobilisation
- Planning Training

There is also an NBC weekend for Cat B types.

From what I understand you also have to complete your YOs course in whatever arm, get a tick in the box from your CO for being a bloody good bloke and attend an annual camp. And all in two years from commissioning (although alledgedly there is flexibility in that).

Mod 5 is run out of the RTCs. London are running the first one soon, with 49 Brigade and 143 Brigade running one early next year.
It's a 3 weekend course designed to teach a lot of the classroom stuff that the Module 4 misses out, but which you need to know. Until completed you are still held on RMAS strength, detached to your unit and you're still an officer under training. (Insert doctrinally correct term). It is the final part of the TACC.

The three weekends are delivered at several RTC's. 15 Bde (Strensall in Yorks), 42 Bde (Altcar nr Liverpool), 51 Bde (Barrybudden? in Scotland), 49 Bde (Granham in Notts) and London (delivered in Longmoor nr Portsmouth) are running it I believe, with QUOTC running it for 107 Bde. (Some please check these are correct). 143 Might start delivering it soon?

The three weekends can be done in any order, at any RTC or combination of 2-3 RTCs.

WE1 covers Mobilisation procedures, TA officer careers and some NBC
WE2 covers Defence Writing and Risk Assessment
WE3 covers Managing Soldiers (how to deal with stress, how to interview etc.)

I believe WE4, which was an NBC weekend for transferring from Cat C (ACF) or Cat B (UOTC) to Cat A (TA) commission has been scrapped.
^Almost perfect answer Sapukay except for w/e 4 which technically still exists - although I'm not sure where we would fit it into the programme :D - and 51 now training as much as poss at Redford in Edinburgh. Not sure about the sticky - I think you have very adequately highlighted the process here. No reason why you can't start one yourself of course but might be worth asking the mods whether it shoul dbe Just TA or Officer forum.

SittingDuck, London are a wee bit late to run the first one - I don't even think they'll be running the first this year, I believe 42 took that "honour". However, they are all running now at most RTCs and so everyone who needs to complete before end May 06 should be able to.

Stabtastic, appreciate your input but pace of change in TA Offr Trg world is phenomenal at the moment and so what you and I grew up with is changing or has changed. Commandant RMAS now signs off all TA Officers after a TWO Year probation during which they must have completed Module 5. Special to Arm training not specified, neither is Annual Camp, although clearly you still need the "good guy" nod of approval from your CO so he (or she) is clearly still very influential.

Your initial "why haven't I got 2nd pip?" is followed by "they said I need module 5 for 2nd pip" and an admission that you don't know what it entails. Mind you, you disguise this last by asking that everyone else is brought up to speed on what it is.

You'll go far. Are you a management consultant during the week?.
^And by all accounts a very good one - definitely one we are keen to partner with given ease of flights between Edinburgh & London.
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