2Lt rank slides

John Bull, Catterick Garrison - for mail order call 01748 833614.

Good bloke - used to do them to order but usually has in stock what you require, and I do recall seeing them too on an earlier visit!!
I would have thought that youd be trying to hide the fact that you were such a no brainer not advertise the fact!
DPM RAMC slides for all ranks are available from the AMS Museum in Keogh Barracks, Ash Vale (if you're at RMAS), or from the AMS Trg Centre in Strensall, if you're AMS TA.

(Obviously, anyone can go to either, but those are most convenient for the respective types)

Hmmm, its one thing to look stoopiiiiiiiid, keeping shtum to not sound stoopiiiiid is of benifit, but to leave physical evidence like this is re enforcing my belief that the training at Sandhurts continues to be top class!!!

ps. Sandhurts is is exactly what I meant!!!!

I'd give you a map to the museum at DMSTC but I don't think it would help........
Rank slides are not available from AMSTC as we only have a small PRI, so Keogh is really your only option.
Have you seen this UTTER PIFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry I know its a little off pat, but thought I should share it with you so you to can fell the toe curlingness of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow and they were only available if you were attached to the famous SAS!!
This is what the Walt said on being asked if they had seen action

"Badge looks unworn to me, however know that these were worn by soldiers attached to SAS as saw a number of them being sold off a couple of years ago by the manufacturer based in Hereford who said they had all been part of a special order on behalf of the Regiment, to bring the ancillary units into line with the badges worn on combats by troopers in SAS. hope this helps. Obviously normal RAMC slip on would be maroon letters on DPM or OG slip ons as opposed to black letters".

Hilarious !!

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