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Typically start as a Troop Commander. Once established you can work towards more Ops/comms orientated work or maybe towards Adj type stuff. A lot will depend on your posting and your own drive and skillset.
qui_audet_vincit said:
what roles do newly commissioned officers have in the signals?
Why not have a look here.

How about: command soldiers in operational units, train and deloy with them, organise and take part in sports and adventurous training.

What kind of answer were you looking for?
Aswell as normal Admin/Training stuff you will liaise with your Sqn Ops Team, ensuring the guys are getting the support they require and that they are doing the vehicle/equipment maintenance and inspections as required .... the list goes on ....

Why are you asking ?? Are you looking at joining??
I'm doing the DEPO course with the TA, its a long time off but I'm thinking of what direction to take, I want people opinions of the jobs they do really.
You will have to sign off on a lot of expensive equipment and count your losses when it goes missing.....
If your lucky, you'll get command of a Ptarmigan Trunk Node as a first tour troopy. An awesome job (especially in Germany)! here you will have around 35 guys, up to twenty vehicles and alot of responsibility. In addition to the fact that when you are deployed out on exercise, it is your bag and your the commander on the ground, as opposed to being in a Div/Bde HQ with your OC and CO around 24/7.

Daily routine in barracks varies. Normal generic officer stuff (career management, organsing ITD trg and AT expeds), but also you will have to ensure your troops vehicles are all up to the required standard , are getting properly maintained, assisting in planning exercises, preparing for exercises etc etc. Also making sure the guys are away on the correct courses, that the new junior soldiers are getting the correct training, playing sport, PT, etc etc etc. The list goes on and trust me, you are never bored nor be in a position where you have nothing to do!!! SO long as you have motivation and make it happen (but be careful about being too keen!! Get to know the ropes first I would advise!)

Bored with Regt life? Go do P Company, commando cse or selection! Or even take the guys away on an awesome exped on the other side of the world. Your time as a troopy is what you make of it. I have come accross many wingers on their first tour as a troopy....."this unit is crap" or "we dont do anything at our unit" or "we never go anywhere" and the best one is "Idont really have a job!". Crap! I'm sure if they went to their OC with a cunning plan to get guys away doing something constructive such as ITD's, Trade training, or AT he wouldn;t object too much. I would like to think me and my my Troops (some would disagree I'm sure!!) had a great time. Everyone got away adventure training, we were a strong troop and we did our job bloody well.

I wish I could have my time as a first tour troopy. I loved it. Just keep your fingers crossed you get a staffy that will look after you and you have a good bunch of seniors on your side.


qui_audet_vincit said:
I'm doing the DEPO course with the TA, its a long time off but I'm thinking of what direction to take, I want people opinions of the jobs they do really.
OK - From a TA perspective, it is essentially exactly the same as what 11D has written, with the added complication of lack of continuity - ie you'll probably see your blokes once a week and two weekends a month, and then for 14 days on camp. You'll have to factor into that, how you are going to carry our your OC's intent, CO's ME, develop your own plan in how you can execute all of that (with your own contribution in there too)and all the other stuff in how we do business -you'll be burning a fair bit of midnight oil outside TA time.

The biggest thing you can bring to the party is commitment. I've seen too many good TA Signal Troops go to rat shit because the boss can't be bothered to get in. We all have complicated lives, but if you take up the post of Troop Commander then its a total commitment option - you owe it to the blokes you command. It is vital that you and your Tp Staffy/SNCOs develop a good working relationship and can cover for each other in any absence.

Most of the time, you may be at OC's conferences, recieving orders, liasing with the head shed for the next exercise, in with the Q bloke, sorting out stuff with the SSM/SPSI/PSI etc and you won't be around much - but all of that is vital to ensure that your troop functions - and you and the Staffy need to work well - you may not get on - but you need to work together.

You need to manage soldiers careers -get them on the courses they need, develop them, spot the stars and the special needs children and adjust as required -this is done in conjuction with your Staffy, but as the boss, its ultimately your call.

In the TA, the non attenders/bounty hunters are corrosive to morale - especially if they hold a senior post or appointment -and they need to be dealt with firmly. All of us have nightmare periods with our life outside the green world (work, family etc) and you can accomodate the genuine case, but the non deserving cases need gripping - word will soon get around.

Training - if you put on fulfilling and interesting training, then they will come. Remember, TA soldiers need value for time -and if they feel their valuable time is being wasted - then they won't turn up. Include adventure training, sports and interest stuff like battlefield tours - as a subby you should try and get your blokes away at least once every training year.

You'll only have a short stint in post, but you can make a big and positive difference to the soldiers you command, your squadron and regiment - and leave your successor with a great legacy to inherit

I wish you luck in what you deside
depending on your troop staffy - if hes a portly chap then bacon and egg ones with plenty of sauce! or if hes a racing snake then egg and cress!

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