2lancs: barrack dress?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by untitled, Jul 13, 2011.

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  1. 2 Lancs are moving back to the motherland soon and the duty rumour is, we're to wear barrack dress.. but what exactly does that ******* consist of because it doesn't exist to my knowledge besides lightweights for crows doing drill? Rumour apparently is, the boss of the brigade we're joining wants us to wear it around camp when not in the field. Please, someone in the know tell me this is a load of bollocks! Please....!
    In a time when we're supposedly getting brought up to date and into the 21st century with PCS, there seems to be a lot of people wanting to drag us back down into the 20th 'good old days' with clothing policy.
  2. It's to save money, and wearing combats in the field and barrack dress in camp, while a pain in the arse makes sense
  3. making extra kit to issue saves money? kitting out a battalion with barrack dress and combat high's isn't going to help the lack of money in the pot either.
  4. I still have a pair of Lightweights that my dad was issued in the early 70's & other than replacing buttons I still wear them once or twice a week for DIYish task without them showing signs of failing yet.

    Scruffy Oxfamish Fcuker I know but it speaks volumes about the potential quality and durability of the kit.

    As for my own 95's. Is that how many days they last?
  5. Replacing CS95 that's been worn out around camp or had the IRR ironed out of it has hardly been the best use of money either, has it?
  6. your missing the point here. We're talking a full battalion for issue of lightweights and the majority for black combat boots (when we're about to shift over to brown boots.) Does no **** think properly in this army?

    Anyway, I didn't ask for a semi-smart arsed comment that has no relevance, i want to know if its ******* true or not so if you don't have a sensible answer, don't answer at all ta very much!
  7. That was a relevant post you ignorant little weasel, just because you are too bone to follow it through means nothing.

    There is a move towards having separate uniforms for barracks and field because it was felt that CS95 and it's PECOC successor in particular were unnecessarily expensive for everyday use.
    It was being replaced far too frequently and the realities of life in camp was degrading its functionality (eg IRR) so it was decided to reintroduce a cheap, supposedly easy-care and hopefully smart barrack dress.

    The planned form was supposed to be a cheaper version of the new No2 trousers, green shirt, probably a jumper and originally black shoes indoors and issue boots out. Quite whether this is still the plan I don't know.
  8. You are a prize mong, FAD doesn't involve lightweights, you'd have been issued it whether you were going to have to wear it or not and are you seriously suggesting that no one in your battalion has a pair of issued combat highs?
  9. Barrack dress is pretty gay. We need to move with the times and not go back to the 70s when everyone was wearing it.
  10. The Army don't want to pay to exchange uniforms that have been worn through sitting behind a desk, if FAD helps them save money then why not wear it?
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    I quite liked barrack dress. It was a way of looking smart without having to wear 2's. The only issue I had with it was that it gets very scratchy when it's hot outside.

    I wander how many nigs are going to have an iron mark on the side of the trousers from the first time they iron them?
  12. Its not lightweights, its basically a second pair of FAD trousers and 3 short sleeve shirts in the same colour as the new FAD ones and black or brown shoes. Only worn it once for a meeting when we were told to and it is comfy enough and quite tidy looking.

    Our camp has 3 units and two are cutting about in MTP. One day it is shirts out, sleeves down, next it is sleeves up, shirts in, stable belt, no stable belt, troops don't know whether they are coming or going. MTP is a good uniform but the newer version doesn't lend itself to smartness in camp, which isn't what it is about anyway it is for in the field or on ops. The first batch looks ok as it is the same cut as CS95. Also due to its cost it makes sense to wear a cheaper uniform in camp, hence the reverting back to 'i surrender trousers' and shirts.
  13. Barrack Dress is an excellent order of dress. Even better now that one doesn't have to wear one's Service Dress trousers; one, because they are a bit tight these days and two, there are made of woollen barathea. The newly issued All Ranks No2 Dress (can't really call it FAD now as the 'Future' has arrived, perhaps it should be PAD?) is good. Mine came with two pairs of tailored BD trousers which are very smart, made of a hard wearing yet quite lightweight poly/wool blend. The perma-crease was put in by a chap who clearly suffered from myopia and the shakes, but once the creases were squared away, all is fine. The shirts too are fine, not too plasticky and best of all, free! My only point of concern was the label that said 'Do not starch' - can't be doing with that and am proud to say they press up well with plenty of starch and a nice hot iron. I was also given some short sleeved shirts. Gentlemen don't wear short-sleeved shirts, so mine have gone straight in the rag-bag and are used now for the polishing of brass. Whilst we're on the topic - BD/No2 Dress socks: these shrink like **** if you're not careful, but can be teased back to almost foot size with the help of a hot steam iron and a bit of a pull, however, they aren't very robust, so be careful.

    I have a feeling that the original poster has an idea that what we used to call 'Working Dress' is BD. Working Dress was denims (or lightweights to the young), Shirt KF, JHW, boots and puttees and was worn by those cutting about camp but not shining their arses behind a desk.

    There you are; nothing whatsoever to do with 2 Lancs but a fair amount about barrack dress.
  14. Look on the bright side. As you're in 2Lancs you wont see any new uniform until 2015 as the first several batches will be nicked by the guard on its way into camp.

    "It fell off de back of de wagon, lar, sir."
  15. Sounds very smart, lets get some, and tuck the shirt in.