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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scorched_earth, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. Basically a petition to the powers that be, that we shouldnt have to pay postal/parcel charges to op's ( or rather the families shouldnt have to). I think its a worthy cause, lets get the signatures in. :threaten: :plotting:

  2. Damm right. I send a fair amount on occasiions, I dont begrudge paying for the goodies, but it does rile me that I have to pay postage, I would still send them any way, but without paying postage I could send more
  3. I agree entirely. I tried to send a bunch of magazines to the boys in Basra and had to half the amount I could send. Not good.
  4. Lets not forget these parcels are flown in! The heavier the packages the less that can be sent! All you need to do is send 2 packages instead of thus double the opening pleasure of the recipient!
  5. And costing me nearly £30 - couldn't afford that
  6. Whilst I applaud your good intentions, the money has to come from somewhere.
    The budget is tight, and if we spend it all shipping unrestricted quantities of porn and confectionery, there will be no capacity left to ship war material.
  7. War "material"? I thought porn and confectionary were war materiel?
  8. Touche mon amis.
  9. If the Americans can get the boy's mail out to them free of charge why can't this country do it for those on active service?
  10. I worked with the Aussies in Iraq, their mail is all free. We ar behind the times.
  11. If this crap government stopped spending money on illegal immigrants , treatment for druggies and alcoholics and started hanging criminals instead of keeping them in comfort there would be plenty of money to pay for sending necessities to deployment areas . About time they got the priorities right
  12. It's because the Americans don't treat their forces personnel as second class individuals.
  13. Does that include druggies and alcoholics and and criminals who were once soldiers - those who have slipped through societies fingers perhaps because of their experiences.
  14. Surely you mean touche mon ami?? Touche! I was drunk and pedantic last night but this morning merely pedantic but with evil wind and the Guinness sh1ts...a powerful mix I think you will find!
  15. Its not all porn and Haribo , I am a little reluctant to sent a pair of boots in 2 seperate packages though!