Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bowmanator, Jul 10, 2007.

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  2. in the last 9 months i have moved camp 3 times. moved room 5 times!!

    put in a ppp
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  4. Get 4 Bde then, Bowmanator?
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  6. Just a guess !.

    Leave the family and go unacompannied, really trash the arrse out of the tax-free system, ie, get a big fcuk-off Merc or Bemmer, take it back, register it, and sell it to some stupid civi for a ridiculaus price and along with your op tax free bonus take the wife and kids on a holiday of a lifetime to make up for it.

    Just a thought mate.
  7. awfully thoughtful of them, have you actually spoken to your CoC, they might be reading this it wont take much to figure out who you are!

    good luck fella. :D
  8. I personally know this bloke and I think the wheels were in motion before the JPA roll out.

    Couldn't they just extend the current guy in post for a year?

    No, no sorry. Hit myself with the common sense stick again......
  9. im currently awaiting my posting order.... cant wait for the fun and games.

  10. Jumped ship late last year, thank fcuk.
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  12. They are probably reading this, sat at home in Glasga, with their quarter bottle of voddie, chuckling, t**ts.

    Speak to the main man, Padre.
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  14. I know we knock them and rightly so most of the time.

    However, can you imagine sitting up there dealing with every man and his dog wanting the 'gucci' postings, promotions and people getting in and out.

    I know its' their chosen profession but would you fcuk as like get me doing that job for 12K a year.

    Doesn't excuse the fact that they are fcuking a family about for the sake of a year.
  15. Having read the thread, Bowmanator how many times do you have to be told to go before you really p*ss them off. Do glasgow send out assignment orders or requests? I understand the family stuff but if you dont like it you know where the door is