2d Annual ARSSE Shoot at Semper Fi Farm--Date Set

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jumpinjarhead, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Notwithstanding the tardiness of some (you know who you are) in getting back to me, in deference to those other more responsible ARRSERs (there are a few), the dates for the shoot are now firm. 28 April (travel day--I will pick up one load at airport for the 90 mile trip to the farm---situated a mere 20 miles from the site where Deliverance was filmed---so coordinate inbound and return flights guys and gals) and shoot 29-30 April with 1 May a return travel day for those returning to blighty or beyond.

    First come, first served as to the limited sleeping accommodations on the farm (our 10 dogs have to sleep somewhere after all) and I can provide recommendations to the nearest reasonably priced and clean hotels (I will provide taxi transport to and from the farm from there so no need for a hired car).

    While I am a teetotaler and vegetarian, we will be good hosts and provide at least a daily ration of alcohol and meat to keep the troops happy. Indeed, the LHCO, makes up a killer mint julep and anyone visiting the deep south cannot go home without at least one in their gullet. Smokers have a very nice front porch with exotic giant clamshell retrieved from a Pacific tour of duty as your ashtray. As for language, I of course am fully inoculated to barracks talk from my 34 years around Marines, but I would be a bit careful around the LHCO as her "look" may turn you to a pillar of salt.

    BTW, if you are allergic to dogs or cats or do not love the same, please do not come. It would be quite unpleasant for all.

    Finally, if you are of the praying/positive thinking sort, we need good weather (we will shoot regardless of course) AND more importantly we need more ammunition so let's hope the current shortage will subside by April.

    Please use PMs to RSVP.

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  2. I'd love to come and bang a few rounds through a SMLE, or C1A1, but SWMBO has decreed that we shall be showing our niece the Canadian Rockies this year.
  3. Bagsie me my room please. The date flying back isn't good though. They want an extra £500!!!
  4. With regret I'm afraid myself and my responsible adult will be unable to attend this year.

    Have fun you crazy kids

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  5. Is someone going to pay the import duty on your bloodstream or will you be entering the USA as someone's duty free allowance?
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  6. Hysterical.
  7. hic...
  8. Will you be wearing your pissbag or can't you find a pair of shoes to match?
  9. Kudos for arranging this. A very generous act for those ARRSERs lucky enough to go!
  10. The truck is warming up and is raring to go.

    Indy Dust Off 1.jpg
  11. I will watch for 4 large black tires rolling through my gate on the appointed day. Will you be camouflaged as well? My standing rules of engagement are to engage any intruder that I cannot physically identify.
  12. I fully intended to come but due to a fall followed by surgery to my shoulder its a no go this year, hopefully next year have fun.
  13. Sorry to hear of your accident---we will see you next year if we have not had our guns confiscated by then!

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  14. I may be wearing my ACU Patrol Cap (rank insignia removed for PERSEC) and depending upon the weather my Jacket, Fleece (Fuzzy), Army Green or Parka, Cold Weather, Camouflage (Army), but that would probably be all as it's been over 10 years since I have worn any of this kit and the rest of it has unaccountably shrunk while hanging in the closet. :p

    As for the Captain, he'll look dashing no matter what he wears. :p :p :mrgreen: