29th/7th RHA When can you Join?

ok, i know im going to get alot of flak of people accusing me of being a wannabe here.
But do you have to join 29th Commando Artilery or 7th RHA out of phase 2 as your inital choice, or can you join them from another Artilerly regiment later on in your career by taking either P-Coy or AACC?
They are volunteer regiments - so you can volunteer at any point.


I would say volunteering from Ph2 might see you there quicker than volunteering from a Regiment, as once you're in someone's orbat, they won't want you disappearing too quick!
As said above, you can join in Ph2, no idea why you'd want to though. If you want to be airborne, be a para. Likewise, if you want to be a commando, go be a marine.
As said above, you can join in Ph2, no idea why you'd want to though. If you want to be airborne, be a para. Likewise, if you want to be a commando, go be a marine.
Knob, there re many reasons to be a specialist. He might not want to be Infantry have you thought of that?
Cheers guys :).
My recruiter (an infantry SGT) suggested i wasnt the Infantry sort. So after reading on the Role finder RA looks good. Also If i join RA i wouldnt be applying for 29th/7th out of Phase 2, i would probably wait a few years so i can build my fitness.
gerralsdad, i think it was to do with the type of person he percived me to be rather than anything else, Gunners was one of the jobs he suggested to me.

Sorry Boxy, i will call them 2 9 and 7 in future
2 things

1. You can go to 29 or 7 anytime in your career, I have seen WO2s on both courses. Also you can be sent there (well to 7 at least) without even wanting to go

2. Do what YOU want not blindly follow a vague suggestion from a recruiter, what was their capbadge ? Are they infantry and speak from experience ? Does the ACIO have pinch point roles that need filling and due to reductions in Infantry numbers there demand isn't as serious ?

I went to the ACIO wanting to join the Paras and was manipulated elsewhere as I was "too intelligent", contrary to popular belief most paras I have met have been rather smart. Don't get me wrong, I ended up a Gunner and am extremely proud of the fact and you will have a cracking career, but if you set your heart on something they go for it and follow it through.
If you apply yourself, Ph1 and Ph2 training will make you fit enough to attempt AACC and P-Coy. Certainly within RA Ph2, you do extra "specialist" PT to give you a better chance.

I understand your hesitation at taking the plunge from Ph2, but once you're into your career, taking career courses, promotion courses etc, it will be harder to extract and will depend (to a certain extent) on whether they need you in that role, or take you in another.

Don't forget, the role 7 RHA and 29 Cdo fill is not that much different to that of other RA Close Support regiments - not eveyone in 7 RHA chucks themselves out of a plane, there isn't the need, so decide what you want to do - perhaps not just RA because they suggested it.

If RA is looking good, then decide which trade you want to pursue. If the extra challenge of AAC or P-Coy is still a draw to you, then go for it!
Cheers for the responses,
My recruiter is an Infatry SGT, he also offered to send me on a look at life course, so im assuming he knew what he genuniely thought i wasnt the sort of person for infantry.
But just a a thought CCadet i thought you didnt Specify what you wanted to do, i thought you had to just join as a "Gunner Crewman" and then choose when your about to start phase 2?
I know about the 3 choices but I was told you don't specify what job within the Artilery and that you just say Gunner Crewman and what you do in the Royal artillery is chosen later on.
Must be different then I guess, another thing, I got a barb of 45 (yes I know that's low) I was told by a recruiter on the live chat through the army website I could go to do Observer/FST but I read on here (from someone who I think is a recruiter) said you need a barb of 46?
Can you retake your barb test? The fact you can string a coherent sentence together, when many others on here fail, suggests that you probably could score higher if you gave it a go.
jegb - don't worry about waiting a couple of years to get your fitness up. If you want to go to 29 or 7 then go as soon as you can - or risk ending up as that wannabe you talked about at the top of the thread. You are most unlikely to be fitter after 2 years in another regiment than you are by the end of Ph 2. Go for it - and good luck with it. And don't worry about the trade. Your regiment will make their own minds up once they've had a look at you.

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