299 Signal Squadron (Special Communications)

ello ello,

I finished basic training on the 13th and about to start phase 2 tomorrow (woooo..), can't wait to get stuck into my trade training and to do some archery....
Anyway I know it's a long way off but i was thinking about my squadron choices for when i finish at Blandford, I'm currently looking at 299 and was just wondering if anyone has any information about the selection process and so on?
I have a feeling that to eligible i would need to have some tour experience maybe or served for a set number of years? Or would i just need to be very very good at my job and show I'm competent and up for the task?
Speak to your DS when you get to Blandford. The unit is full of people who are with, or were with, all the specialist units within the Corps. They'll give you the guidance you need. Don't slip into idle mode when you get to Blandford, work hard and you should get what you ask for
That said, a bit of field unit experience will only work in your favour, you never know, you might grow to hate being in the Signals
Suppose I'll just have to wait and see, i would have preferred going in as a CSE but my GCSE grades are a bit crap.
I heard it's possible to transfer if you show good potential but with the lack of positions available i doubt I'll get that chance.
I would advise you not to post things such as this on the Internet. This type of information is not for the public domain. If you have questions about a certain unit, approach your Chain of Command or contact the unit Trg team direct.
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