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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by cullen, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. Hi new to these boards, need some info on 299 para.
    Im from North east of England, so Gateshead would probably be best option for me.
    I am currently a reservist, but not ex reg.
    My main question is regarding age limits etc, im currently 45yrs old.
    Im wondering if the rules surrounding the upper age limit on joining the regiment, are the same for transferring from another regiment.
    Also are there any further restrictions imposed on doing p coy, as regards age?
    I know rules are sometimes relaxed when transferring.
    Any help appreciated.
  2. Give Carole a ring on 01904 668339.
  3. I wouldn`t advise attempting P Coy at 45 years of age, in fact there might be an upper age limit though I wouldn`t know for sure. My old man did it at 36 in 1956, and i did it at 23 and found it fcuking hard enough, so God knows how he did it, best of luck anyway!!
  4. Thanks for advice pal, I know P Coy at any age is a big ask.
    Ive just grown stale in my current position, my fitness has lapsed as has my motivation to carry on.
    I need something to put fire in my belly, and motivate.
    It was only a few month ago i was tabbing for 10 mile with 50lb on in 1hr 45, and running 1.5 mile in just under 10 mins.
    Not bad for an old fart.
    The very fact that people will tell me i cant do it, will fire me up more than ever.
    Of course i need to pick fitness up again.
    But so much of what we do is in the mind.
  5. Good luck to you!! Keep us informed if you get on it!!
  6. your best bet is to go in and speak to them. really approachable, good people!
  7. Hi just a bit confused, as we in the regiment, use the beep test, and the levels you need to pass move with age etc.
    Im thinking the army still use the best method, 1.5mile run?
    If so, is that age related also?
    If not does anyone know what i should be running 1.5 mile in just to pass bft?
    Or to gain entry?
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Forget the PFT - you need to be running the 1.5 miles in under 9.30 if you are to stand a reasonable chance of keeping up with the pre para build up.
  9. Why would you want to transfer to a Parachute Squadron and not complete P Coy and then jump?
  10. That guy who did Commando on the front line did the 32 weeks RM training and passed out at over the age of 50
    So I'd say try it
  11. Dont die not knowing is what i would say....