299 Para Squadron National Troop

Morning all, I have been looking on this forum and on the Army website and seen that 299 Para Squadron have a National Troop, as well as their regional recruiting. As there’s no RE Reserve unit near me, I am very happy to see this, however people have said that the National Troop is mainly ex-Regulars.
Does this mean that as someone joining the Reserves, I wouldn’t be allowed to join the National Troop? Or would it be more of a case that I am able to join it, but I would struggle as everyone else in the Troop would have a much more substantial knowledge base?
Many thanks!


1: Everyone in a unit was a recruit, once…
2: You will be trained, mentored and guided by skilled instructors.
3: The experience of others can be beneficial for you.
4: Expect good natured banter when you are new.
5: Contact the unit and ask.


I was in 299 National TP for a few years, and I still maintain close links with the Sqn and 23 PARA ER.

I came from infantry background and so the whole Engineer thing was new to me.

All I can say is that 299 and 23 PARA ER , are an awesome bunch of ppl and a great organization, I went to 299 as a full screw, left as a SSGT did loads of courses and trips abroad including falklands, Holland, Cyprus, Acension Island , Cyprus, France and several trips to the USA.

All I can say is you get out of it what you put into it.

I’m hoping to return to 299 when I get the chance.

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