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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by North, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    Just thought I would let you know a bit about 299 Para Sqn RE.

    Currently in 2 locations Wakefield and Hull 299 Para Sqn RE was formed 2 years ago from 299 troop 131 independant commando squadron at Hull and the Light Infantry at Minden House at Wakefield.

    The OC is a top bloke and well up for driving the airborne ethos within the Squadron.

    Any ex sappers that are around the area Regular or TA plus anyone who feels stagnant in there current unit and wants a change of scenery. The airborne sappers is the perfect place to get trade training plus being an airborne soldier and training to the highest level of infantry available to an RE unit.

    Coming in from scratch will take you through the Phase 1 training, then onto Trade training which runs in conjunction to P Company. When trade training is completed and P Company passed then into 1 or 2 Troop.

    For any trained ranks coming in an assesment of your current level will then aid in placing you into the correct career path and potentially straight onto P Company build up.

    The opportunities for Ops, career and trade courses with overseas trips including foriegn Wings course and potential for the annual Arnhem jump are fantastic.

    Get yourself in to have a word with the Training Team and check out what opportunities are available.

    Hull 1 Troop - 01482 352117

    Wakefield 2 Trooop - 01924 369636

    Both locations drill nights are on Tuesday between 1930hrs and 2130hrs

    You have nothing to lose, drop in and have a chat
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  4. Hi Gents,

    Just a note, we are now recruiting currently serving soldiers who can transfer over to 299 and do the August P Company. If you start the process now, you can get your phys sorted out and be ready to start the Arduous Training at the back end of April.

    Any questions, just ask - No Bone questions if at all possible.

  5. Thanks to all for getting in comms with PM's

    Please find the dates for the next P Company Arduous build up

    Arduous 1 May 8-10
    Arduous 2 May 22-24
    Arduous 3 June 5-7
    Arduous 4 June 19-21
    Arduous 5 July 3-5
    Arduous 6 July 24-26
    BFE July 27 - August 4
    P Company August 5 - 9

    After Arduous 6 you go onto the Engineering module and that leads upto the P Company test week.

    The drill nights for the course are Tuesdays and start on April 21st for Admin intros.

    Wakefield 2 Troop 01924 369636
    Hull 1 Troop 01482 352117

    Dates are there, take the bull by the horns.

    Please feel free to PM me to ask any additional questions.

  6. Is youe expansion to Gateshead still going ahead?
  7. The intention is to look at opening a troop but there is still work to be done. The expansion to Gateshead is still in its early stages so watch this space.

    By your username it looks like you might have been around to jump balloon ??

    PM me if you want anymore info.

  8. Hi All,

    Course date have been confirmed. Just sent 4 on P Company and 3 passed, 75% pass rate. As you can see, we don't just send people to P Company for the sake of it, we make sure we think (barring injury) you can pass.

    P Coy Prep Course
    W/E 1 May 8-10
    W/E 2 May 22-24
    W/E 3 June 5-7
    W/E 4 June 19-21
    W/E 5 July 3-5
    W/E 6 July 24-26

    2 Week Camp
    BFE July 27 - August 4
    P Company August 5 - 9

    Tuesday drill nights, give the relevant locations a call and get involved and by August you could have earn't the right to go on the jumps course.

    Wakefield 2 Troop 01924 369636
    Hull 1 Troop 01482 352117

  9. Just a quick note to say I attended an introduction to 299 Para RE at their Wakefield location last night.

    Members of the training staff gave a presentation on the Sqn's role with lots of information on P coy build up, P Coy events, and exactly what you can expect during this time.

    It was very worth while to anyone who has little or no knowledge of the RE or Airborne Forces, or who is concidering joining.
  10. Is there still time to jump on board from scratch or are the above dates for people who have already submitted there paperwork and been processed?
  11. Johnny,

    If you are starting day 1 week 1 whichever unit you go to you have to do 1A - 1C the All Arms P Company TA comes after finishing that process and after you have completed your 2 week Basic course. For infantry you will do CIC at catterick but for all arms you will do a basic course at one of the centres around the country.

    The P Company preparation course follows that process and to start the course you will go through a Test weekend (Weekend 1) at the begining of the course to ensure you meet the minimum standards of fitness.

    If you go into the nearest location or ring them on the numbers above, they will invite you in to have a look around and give you the low down on what is expected of you.

    For further details send a PM and hopefully I can help you out.

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  13. Well done MSR-much obliged.
  14. For more information about 299 Para Squadron, see 299 Para Squadron site

    Edited to change website address
  15. Is Gateshead up and running?