299 Para Sqn RE (V)

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Magic-Monkey, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. A quick thread to make all aware that 299 Para are still looking for new members to join the Sqn

    Locations currently are Wakefield, Hull & Gateshead

    The Sqn has openings for RE capbadges either Para or Non-Para trained, and also anyone who wishes to try something different and transfer in, along with of course anyone new to the TA or wanting join.

    The next Pre-Para build up starts in October so there is plenty of time to get in, have a chat with the staff, and start training prior to the course starting in anger.

    The course consists of 6 weekends
    0-3 Combat Engineer conversion (If you need it)
    Then P Company its self.

    The Squadron is currently running around an 85% pass rate at P Coy so the training works and will reward those willing to give 100% effort for around 3 months of your life.

    Contact the Staff on 01924 369636, or PM myself for any further details
  2. Where's Wakefield? .... just kidding
  3. I would like to join the 299th para SQN. I am in the US Army and i get out in Apirl 2012. I was a combat engineer in the us army, NBC, Cavalry Scout and a Field Artilleryman. So I will do anything to join. If you can help me out I wouls very greatful.
  4. Southern Shandy drinking poofs need not apply.
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  5. There is just this small thing, tiny problem really, known to some as the "American War of Independence". You might find it a teensy bit difficult to meet the nationality requirements. Always nice to see people keen to move forward and upward, however :)

    Edited to add - must be a Friday night windup. Yanks can move about between unit types with DADT abandon but tend to be a bit fixed in their MOS, don't they?
  6. It was a civil war though wasnt it... British vrs british, no yanks involved
  7. What about the war the of 1812 the British attack America again
  8. Err, nope. Madison declared war on June 18 and General Hull invaded Canada on July 12th (capturing a small town) and surrendering a month or so later (not just his men, but Detroit and most of the Michigan territory with them.)

    Admittedly, we were suppressing your trade with France (err, like, 'cause we were at war with the Froggies, yet again) and supporting the Indian revolts in the north-west, but, hey, just a bit of banter between mates :) At least you got the "White House" out of it. Imagine how much fun we could have had if it was still pink!
  9. Didnt we burn the original to the ground?

    Bring back the Brandywine Flash!
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  10. Yes they did burn it to the ground.
  11. Did an Exchange with a USNG unit that had two War of Independence Battle Streamers. EVERYONE was at pains to remind me of this; I reminded them that the local Brits beat the Brits at the end of a 3000 mile supply chain...

    With the help of the French.

    They'd not remind me again, bless 'em.
  13. On my exchange I got the same. Since I teach history and work in a military museum I just reminded them that the War of Independance was only a campaign to us and part of a larger war against France, Spain and Holland. We just prioritised and decided that the Americas were low on the list.

    Got a mixed response for that, but it killed off the subject.

  14. You acquire British (or Commonwealth or Irish) citizenship, meet the residency criteria, and apply. I did say "difficult" as opposed to "impossible".

    I was working with an ex-USMC lad who had been working over here for quite some while and was considering applying to the TA. He eventually gave up because of the IRS (much easier just to stay a US citizen.)
  15. I think that I am going to keep at it. Maybe it will happpen.