29 Year Old Grandfather

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dinosaur_poo, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. Man, 29, becomes Britain

    A 29-year-old man who has become one of Britain's youngest grandparents was left red-faced after nurses asked him to prove he was over 16 as he tried to visit his daughter's baby.
    Unemployed Shem Davies was overjoyed when 14-year-old Tia gave birth to Gracie earlier this month.
    But when he tried to visit the ward, maternity nurses thought the fresh-faced granddad was in fact the teenage father of Gracie and asked him to prove his age.
    Shem and former girlfriend Kelly John, 30, became parents to Tia at the age of 15. Their daughter's boyfriend, Jordan Williams, is 15.

    As expected, grandmother is a complete ******* munter.

    Mother not too bad though. Probably one for the milf catalogue.


    Either way, I would find it appropriate to see that the family of 5 had been shot. Terrible specimen of society.
  2. unreal....
  3. Can someone explain how letting your 14 year old daughter get in pod with a 15 year old is not child neglect ????

    and, just to maintain the daily mail flavour of my post, none of them have a job, so all us lucky tax payers will be funding this wonderful family.
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  4. you suprise me.
  5. Jesus christ, what a sad reflection of modern society. We'd all be chuffed to NAAFI breaks if our 14 year old came home with a belly full of arms and legs and some greasey drip on their arm. Both my daughters are now in their twenties and neither are in a rush to get sprogged up and very grateful I am too.
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  6. What sort of a name is Shem? No matter i'd do him.
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  7. Its the way the lazy ****** is proud of it that gets on my tits !!
  8. Even with that coconut hair doo?
  9. And no ****** is getting done for underage sex then. Or being added to the sex offenders register. Pathetic set of ***** and a complete drain on society.
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  10. Can you whip his nuts off whilst you are at it and save us all some money?
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  11. shem is arabic for john. ( < bet this helps fill the outrage bus)

    anyway, at this rate he's gonna be a great granddad by 42.............
  12. Looks cute even if he is a Chav layabout scum.
  13. Biblical name, one of the sons of Noah I think. Ham, Shem and Japhet? Beget this and begat that and all that shit.
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  14. I've seen vasectomies done, doesn't seem hard I'll give it a go.
  15. Fire, lots of fire!