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Is there anyone on here serving with 29 and daggered up? I have a Herrick tour coming up later this year, when I return I plan to volunteer for 29 and just want some info on the AACC, preferably from someone who is currently serving
Well, not info, but advice on some kit that is advisable to take, what boots are reccomended, webbing etc
Alright then, getting no luck here... Nobody serving who wants to offer advice..anyone here that has served with 29 in the last 5 years? My TC was a CPO in 29 and I can get advice off him but I'm just looking for some other opinions on things like; what boots would be better for the course etc... I've always been comfy with magnums for tabbing, which most people don't like, but I can imagine that they won't be suitable for the AACC, having done the commando endurance course on my Lance Jack course, I sort of know what to expect. (The guy running the course had done 12 yrs in 29 so we spent a lot of time in the field wet and fecking cold. ) Any tips on kit to take would be appreciated. I'm not a nig asking silly questions, I just want to come prepared. Proper Planning and Preparation etc..


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Why not contact the regiment for an informal chat?
Yeah course, I will do that, I'm just looking ideally for blokes who have recently passed who can tell me what kit they wish they had took. Or something like that :?
Kit on AACC is really down to your Training Cpl - mine didn't give a damn, as long as it worked and we didn't drip; the other section had a Cpl who would only let you us issue stuff. The JIs state only issue kit is to be taken, so at the very least I'd make sure it was all broken in and comfy etc.

As for the rest of it - the beat-up you do with 29 will square that away, and there's too much for me to be bothered to post. Silly little things like lanyards for all your stuff etc. Your best bet will be to contact the 29 Training Team. Enjoy!!!
Issued CBH are fine, maybe with decent insoles if you need them. If you can manage it take 3 pairs, well broken in of course.

If you can get 2 sets of webbing it wouldn't hurt also 3 sets of uniform.

It's an admin course as much as anything else. Got your admin sorted and it's half the battle.

canoe bag for your bergan along with other decent quality smaller bags for waterproofing.
Well I have a bit of OCD about canoe bags anyway, got a big 1 lining my bergen and everything else inside is in smaller ones. Don't get on well with issued boots, mind. They're alright for camp but when I start tabbing around they're pretty dogsh*t. Think I'll contact the training team like said. If I have to wear issue tissue, so be it.

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