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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by confusedmuppet, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. Hi, Ive had a read of anything I can find on 29 Cdo on here and elsewhere, which isnt alot, (not suprising i suppose), but thought Id ask anyway just incase... basically Im on the verge of going Artillery or Infantry, and am interested in the Commando Gunners because they as far as I can tell work very closely with their Marine Infantry counterparts and so get a very varied career.

    I was wondering, though, about the build up etc... as during Phase 1 you are brought to be "fitter than ever" - does that mean technically after P1 and P2 you should be fit enough to make a good go at the AACC? Also what is the main reason for failing? Last thing: if you do fail, what happens to you?

    I know it seems ive got failure into my head, i dont, i think i could give a good stab at it after a bit more training, i just want to make sure if it does happen i wont be stuck doing something im not sold on.

    cheers guys,
  2. If you fail you get shot - I'm only joking; as every one knows you get sent to the Paras instead. Seriously though I can't comment on the fitness of recruits coming directly from training these days but I would suggest that your fitness levels probably need to be at a higher level but it's more about mental resolve. If you fail through injury then your case will be looked at and you may be asked to return and do it again. If you fail for any other reason then 9-times-out -of-10 you will be RTU'd to the unit you would have been posted to had you not chosen to volunteer for AACC. When you get to your unit after failing I believe the form is to say that you were posted in from 28 - because you're not quite 29.
  3. so you only get one shot at it? Could make things abit interesting... thanks for that, if anyone else has info please let me know. Again cheers for that though.
  4. The process is this - if you get injured on the course but you are seen to have the potential to pass you will get another chance. If you have a major drama in your life that requires you to leave the course, and if you are seen to have potential, then you may be given another chance. If you leave the course for any other reason a short report is written on you and is sent to your new unit. At the bottom of the form there is a simple 'yes/no' question which asks 'suitable for commando training?' If you get a 'yes' then you can reapply. If you get a 'no' then it ain't happening. As an aside there has been quite a lot of advice on this forum to get a couple of years under your belt in a non-commando/airborne regiment before applying. I would suggest this is wise counsel.

    Whichever route you decide upon, good luck.
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  6. I disagree, for 7 and 29 the best time IMHO is to go straight from training, Regts have a habit of losing paperwork and installing lazyitisis, the advice about going after a few years is aimed at the 4/73 hopefuls

    I've known a few lads go to 29 and only 2 have ever failed, both from injury, both injuries from falling down potholes in Dartmoor

    Tell a lie I've remembered a third, not sure what he failed on, would never tell us but went to 4/73 and got binned pretty sharpish, fit bugger but bloody stupid
  7. OK so next question, probably not the last one... progression through infantry i understand - you can do rifleman, then do various courses and get into Recce/sniper then further on into SF roles or higher up the chain in those specialisations... is it similar with 29 or 7 regts, or is it more limited?

    cheers :)
  8. First of if you wnat to be a sniper join the Infantry, but if you do a search on here for sniper you will notice theres a bit of a queue

    If you want SF you can do that from anywere Inf, RA, RAC,AGC , QARANC,RAF you name it, SF is not an INfantry only occupation. Currently in the Infantry if you want to do something fdifferen, you either go Para, join 1 Rifles and do the Commando Course, go Pathfinders or join SAS/SBS. In the RA you have the choice of 7 Para RHA, 29 Cdo RA and if you want to want something a little more then you can try for either 148 Forward Observation Cdo Bty RA or 4/73 Special OP Bty RA

    Trade wise obviously the Infantry have Signals, Mortars, Substaned Fire (the other SF) Recce, Snipers, Pioneers etc as well as other things such as Drivers (Saxon, Warrior etc) and Stores sorry if I missed anything

    The RA trade list is much bigger including

    Gunner (AS90, Light)
    Missile Operator Surface to Air (HVM, Rapier)
    Missile Operator Surface to Surface (GMLRS)
    UAV Operator (Phx, Desert Hawk)
    GCS (Signaller and Command Post Operator)
    Observation Post operator
    Radar Operator
    Surveyor (not sure of we still have any???)

    as well as your Drivers (Wheeled and Tracked) and Stores etc

    go to the Army Jobs website and look at whats on offer
  9. Just a few tips from my course (albeit a long, long time ago). Most wasters were weeded out on the pre-Commando courses run by sponsoring units in Plymouth. From the people who dropped out, don't attempt the AARC if:
    1. You have NEVER run in boots!
    2. You have never done a load carry (with Bergen or similar) over a longish distance, carrying about 30lbs of kit.
    3. You are afraid of water or of getting covered in mud!

    Generally speaking, if you get to Lympstone and show the right attitude and can stand the f**king around by bootneck NCOs, you will get through OK (after all, I did!).
  10. Listen to the boys down the hoe mate. Forge your career, dont F*ck around mate and do the "148" thing, grab them dagger and wings and reach for the skys mate !! Be a Para/Commando and have a pop buddy. If you have any worries PM me. MNAIRB is right, just get your head down and get stuck in mate.
  11. I was a involved with training at RA Ph2 and would advise this:

    At Ph1 do what you need to do and do well on all PT. You will be asked to make a Regimental choice - if you want to go 29 then say so.

    At Ph2 you will conduct "extra" PT with the other 29 Cdo/7 Para hopefuls - some I know who passed out recently have said that this is actually harder than it needs to be, but it gets you really fit and not just BPFA/BFT/CFT fit.

    At Ph2 you will do your initial trade training in either Guns (Lt gun or AS90, for 29 it will be Lt Gun), Sigs (ACS course) or Air Defence. Alongside this you will do driver training (if you dont have your licence yet).

    From Ph2 you will go to The Citadel to join 29 Cdo and be put into Non Cdo Trained Training. The process changed recently, but I think you are then prepared for the 29 Cdo "beat up" - pre cdo training, 6 weeks - before going onto AACC at Lympstone - 8 weeks.

    If you pull yourself off the course because it's not for you, then that is usually your lot. If you are injured before Bottom Field test at week 4 then you can rejoin at week one. If injured after bottom field test you can restart at beginning wk5.

    The bit about suitability for Cdo training is right - instructors will tick that box or not if you come off of the course for whatever reason. Stick at it as 90% of the course is mental aptitude to keep plugging through the BS they throw at you.

    Finish AACC and then back to 29 with Dagger and Lid. Join a Bty and away you go. 148 is another challenge, next up the rung. Another selection course and I dont know much about it.
  12. cant work out whether this is text speak or just shite!
  13. *sigh*

    You're so not 'down wiv tha' kids Filbert
  14. cheers for the advice guys, ive put down my job choice as OPA so that they get me onto ACS (aslong as I pass selection, think I'll be ok with that though :) ) - the advice was really helpful im focusing on running and pull ups right now (overgrasp rather than undergrasp as theyre a fair bit harder).

    After my civvie job managers i may even welcome "bootneck ncos" bs !

    cheers again guys.
  15. Spot on. Just take every day one at a time, don't draw attention to yourself in a negative way that'll get you flanked (ie. beasted) look after yourself most importantly your feet. Make sure your personal admin is on the ball and in the evenings get out of CTC for a few hours. Does you the world of good just to get out of the pussers atmosphere, get yer dhobi done, have a couple of pints and remind yourself that there's a normal world out there.

    15-20 years ago 29 had a beat up course, or pre-beat up that was designed to try and kill you. The more that dropped out the happier the DS seemed to be. That was a long time ago though and i'm sure sanity prevails these days.