29 Fld Sqn

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by HALO_Patrol, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. I was in 29 from '88 - '91. I know there were a few reunions sorted out after that by Joe P*****on and Scouse Rob**ts years ago. Does anyone know if they are planned for the future? Cheers Don
  2. not in 29 around those dates BUT spent a lot of time in their bar, after stumbling out of our bar, 37 fd sqn (87-90) lot of good guys around then........polly,oz, the omen, steve s**l, m**k b****ll, n**l p**z*r, etc etc.

    ended up back in hameln in 94 where lo & behold i spent 4+ years in 29 because i was not allowed to go back into 37 fd sqn. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  3. Saw Oz last year at Brize Norton while he was on a cse, Polly & the Omen both dead! Polly knocked over in the UK and the Omen in Thailand where he was working. RIP
  4. good men lost, they will be bridging & playing euchre upstairs now or perhaps down below in the omen's case...................RIP.
  5. Was in 29 same time as you Don. You're not the mad axeman by any chance.

    RIP Polly and Omen
  6. Yes It's me! Damn that bar stool! Now which Welshman is this? My email's on the pm button.
  7. PM on its way. It can be that hard there was only 3 in 2 Tp :D .
  8. did "snowqueen" with oz & spent the langlauf part of it peeling spuds because we could not be arsed putting any effort into skiing with the hangovers from hell after a night down sonthoffen in "alpinas".

    good times.
  9. Was in 29 from 91-93 in NP's troop, imagine my surprise to see him in the sandy place back in '03. He had been called back up and was working with GF the RSM at the time. I left in '02 and been in the sandy place working since early '03.
  10. N--l P--z-- was my tp stripey when i joined in 86 top man. :D :D :D :D
  11. Yes he was! Shame there weren't more like him around!
  12. I agree AKTTE top bloke, he was my Tp Recce when I was in 2 TP. One of the old school, hard but fair.
  13. hi all...i just read this post...i know its an oldie :biggrin:

    i was in 29 from 91 to 96. started down stairs with the sigs and ended up in dave p...ce's troop. anyone around from that time?

  14. Did my stint 81-84 Sp Tp, Frog op.
  15. In it now and its still going strong