29 Dec: 2XFrench Foreign Légionnaires killed by ANA soldier in RC EAST

A WO1 and a Sgt belonging to the recce Pn (GCM) of the 2°REG (FFL Eng Rgt supporting the FRA Mountain Bgde) have been killed by an ANA soldier in Jangali yesterday morning.

The killer was wearing an ANA uniform and he shot both NCOs in the back before being "neutralized". The two NCOs belonged to TF Tiger and they were supporting the ANA during an operation in the Jangali pass area.


2 French soldiers killed in Afghanistan attack - CNN.com
RIP lads.

Was the killer an ANA soldier or just wearing the Uniform?
Official report says "wearing ANA uniform". To me it's just a way of not painting all the ANA soldiers with the same brush at the time when transition is the key word and nobody want to alienate our Afghan friends....

Local intel says INS have been wearing ANA uniforms fot a while in the area where the incident took place but considering the distances had they been INS they would have been spotted before getting within firing range.
Enemy "neutralised" - nice one, fantassin!
Nevertheless I am extremely sorry to hear this news, so alien to some of the folk who post on here but in some cases have never been anywhere. Mort pour la France - RIP.

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Fair play on killing the bastard off as well... too many times reports are of ANA blue kills and getting away.
It's has been confirmed that the cnut who killed those two FFL NCOs was an ANA member; the two Légionnaires had set up their position close to an ANA post during an Op in which they were supporting an ANA unit.

The killer simply walked out of the ANA post and opened fire on them, killing them both.
There's a brief biography (in French) of one of the two Legionnaires here: L

Edit: I don't know what I've done wrong, as the link is only showing as the letter L? It does still work though, and links to an article on the French Army's website.
The identity of the second NCO has been revealed: sergent Damien ZINGARELLI (2e Régiment étranger de génie), a Frenchman who, just like his brother, had joined the Foreign Legion. He had completed 8 years of service in the 1er REC and 2° REG when he was killed.
Some new infos on that murder: the culprit was an ANA soldier who was looking for an opportunity to kill some coalition soldiers on that day; he had shaven and was wearing a white garment under his uniform in preparation for his future death.

He probably targeted the two NCOs because they had removed their flack jackets and were busy digging foxholes, probably thinking they were safe in close vicinity of an ANA position. Their rifles were close at hands but they were shot in the back and had no time to act in self-defense.
Mes profond condoleances et mes pensees et prieres aux les familles concernant et aussi a le Legion, et la peuple Francias entier. Degalasse.
Heartwarming to report than in a rare show of solidarity, over 2,000 inhabitants of the city of Saint-Claude, where Sergent-chef Zingarelli was coming from, followed his funerals today. Shops were closed during the ceremony and the French flags on the town hall were tied with a black bow.

Very, very un-typical and unsurprisingly it happens in the Eastern part of France (Jura) where the military still is respected.


Why no Kepi Blanc?
Because the deceased was an NCO so his remains are escorted by fellow NCOs and in the FFL, senior Caporal-Chef and NCOs wear a "black" (in fact very dark blue) képi.

Only Légionnaires, Légionnaires de 1ere classe, Caporal and Caporal-chef with less than 10 years (IIRC) in the Légion wear the képi blanc as well as the musicians of the FFL who all wear the képi blanc because they are the "ambassadors" of the FFL and the FFL is immediately recognized by its képi blanc...


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Mort pour la France, died for all of us!

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