29 commando, 7 para?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Hazabg, Aug 18, 2012.

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  1. AS my first job choice i picked gunner crewman and i was looking at the light gun, i see on the army website there are 2 regiments, 29 commando and 7 para. i was wondering how hard it is to get into either of these two? is it a case of being picked by them or applying yourself to do it? (forgive me if it's a daft question) i'll be asking my recruiter on Wednesday but i might as well ask here as well.
  2. You can ask to be posted to either regt. You then have to pass P coy, or the AAC course depending.
  3. You can apply direct, a Brucie bonus is that you get bags of extra PT at phase 2 giving you a fighting chance of completing your chosen course and not peaking too early.

    Dont do what my pal did and decide on a 'normal' regiment with the self assured promise that you'll crack the course later after a tour or 2, he turned into a knacker and embarrassed himself early on at 29.
  4. 7 para were disbanded in 1948, you must mean 7 RHA. ( Just waiting on a bite now)
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  5. 7 RHA get your wings up as a priority. Assuming you can drag your arrse through pcoy
  6. And additional phys in Phase 1 if you go to Harrogate, well Albertous Junior did when he was there a few years ago, dont know about the adult Phase 1 establishments. If you go for it do yourself a favour with the lidded DS and put 29 or the badged donkey-wallahs as your first choice regiment. I may be a touch biased but pass the AACC and you can get your wings without P Coy, the reverse is not true, i.e. pass P Coy but you still have to do the AACC for your dagger.

    Step back and watch the 29 v 7RHA bun fight commence!!! 29 will win obviously.
  8. so after doing the aacc you get wings too?
  9. yeah i know, i just really want 29 commando or 7 RHA, i just want to gather as much info as i can, like i say though I'll be asking my recruiter on Wednesday.

  10. Just like you didn't! You bluffing Walter Mitty!:tp:
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  11. Shhh, he's one of them ;)
  12. Dish the dirt, what's the story?
  13. Its a sock puppet account, but different in that the chap who posts in this name is more than familiar with the subtle tinge of AvGas on his nostrils and all things skyward related.
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    Shame the Army seem to disagree with you.

  15. Thanks very much.