29 Cdo RA & 7 Para RHA?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by BubbleBlower, Jan 12, 2006.

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  1. Hello chaps,

    Firstly, apologies as I'm sure some of you are sick of posts from wannabes about 29 Cdo & 7 Para. However, I've searched the site and not found an answer to my question.

    I'm very keen on joining the Army as an officer this year (probably Sept intake) and I hope to be commissioned into the RA. Is it possible during your career to serve in both 29 Cdo RA and 7 Para RHA? I'm not a badge collector, I just have a perverse, masochistic desire to do both courses. Something about proving it to myself...

    Ideally I'd like to serve in 7 Para after YOs and then go to 29 Cdo once a Capt. Is this realistic or even feasible?

    As a bit of background (if it helps) I'm a 21 yr old grad, will be 22 by RMAS (so will be 23 on commissioning).

    Also, I've been told that RA exercises often involve an infantry aspect. Do 29 & 7 do more infantry-type work than 'normal' RA units?

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

  2. Welcome to the site, go for it and get them there courses done while your still young and not bogged down with various career jobs etc. The whole of the RA do various amounts of Infantry work depending on there comittment and time available, this obviously can be zero in some units all the way to full on deployments.

    Maybe if you want to do Infantry type work you may be suited in the erghh Infantry.

    Good luck and dont belive anything anyone tells you on here..........
  3. this may not be the answer you are looking for if you are a masochistic but go 29 first, being AACC trained means you can do your jumps course which means you can go to 7 without the pain of P Coy
  4. Plenty have people have done both, but.... if you turn up at 7 Para RHA wearing wings and haven't done P Coy, then stand-by! You will have a big hill to climb, both in the Mess and on the Gun Park...

    If you want to be able to hold your head up, then plan on doing AACC and P Coy. Best to do P Coy first, because its a racy snake selection which you'll still be used to after RMAS and/or orienteering in your spare time on YOs on the Plain. Later, when you've had a few years of kebabs, etc, being a bit bulkier will dispose you towrads AACC.
  5. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

    H Webster, I'm interested in infantry work but don't really think that I want to be full time infantry (if that makes any sense) although my second choice is likely to be the Light Division (or is it 'The Rifles' now??). I'm aware that things may change during RMAS or after visits to various units etc... Thanks for the good wishes.

    Wellyhead, I can see what you're saying and it makes sense. However, for some reason I really want to do both P Coy & AACC. God knows why :roll: ...

    4(T), cheers for that. I was hoping that someone would say that it was a good way of doing things to do 7 Para then 29. I too think that I would have to be f***ing mad to rock up at P Coy with wings up. That would probably make the course rather 'interesting'.

    Thanks again for all the replies. Any more comments are more than welcome.


  6. never worked with 7, but 29 are top lads
  7. I belive they had a CO and Adjt turn up who were, as a 7th friend refered to them, Comedians. He said there was real jarring of cultures, not just the 7 v 29 rivalry, but more that Commandos are not airborne soldier and don't know airborne ops, trying to force commando (or should I call it maritime as thats what it is nowadays) doctrine was disliked at all levels. If anyone on here was there at the time please comment
  8. Jesus I just realised, I've given advice to the scum

    Never forget Mothers Day 2004 4-1 we beat the scum 4-1 (and 2 missed penalties) :wink:
  9. The Adjt in question went on to be a Col OBE (and dear old goldenballs's star is probably still in the ascendancy too) , the CO went on to become......DRA. So, all in all going to 7 probably a good move for both of them, what?

    I have done both little jaunts - AACC as a Lt all fit and keen and P Coy as a Capt with green lid (and wings that I did not wear!) a few years later. Ah, the good old P Coy days of 148.

    I found P coy physically harder as it was all phys and less time for recovery but easier mentally as it was over quicker. It also did not feel like RMAS all over again, which the tactical stuff on AACC had a tendency to feel like. I did get some special treatment because of where I was from but that was just par for the course really. Truth is I enjoyed both.

    Ages ago Dispatches from Channel 4 did a programme on p coy that was excellent -exactly like p coy was at the time.

    Bottom line -in the Gunners you can do both as well as other stuff like 4/73, so why go anywhere else?
  10. the old saying goes that "you cannot polish a turd" you are just artillary who look down on people because (they) don't wear badges but have an important job to do in their own role. Do we need 7 para? and besides that what the f--k is the 'special' OP bty all about seeing as the cold war is history. what is their role considering they have a decent budget spent on them?
  11. Stand up fail by any chance? Your obviously the bitter and twisted type to give the advice having done all the courses and getting a big fat freddy.....

    Better luck next time harry boy :cry:

  12. You a bit behind the curve there ?

    I'm not in 7 or 473 before you ask, and I've heard conflicting stories about them, but in this day and age you get your shite sorted to secure your future involvement and I hear that's exactly what they are doing.

    When did you fail P-Coy ?
  13. never fancied P-coy. no need for it in my job, would i have failed it? can't be that hard if you are motivated, fit, and don't pick up any injuries. think this whole airborne brother hood thing is a bit out-dated however it is a esprit-de-corps affair and gives all involved a feeling of eliteism.
  14. I have a little 1st hand knowledge of all Gunner aspects as my current RSM is a Gunner (2nd Tour). Previously he was the RSM of 29 Cdo Regt RA and completed both the Para and Cdo Cse. He has now commissioned and having done both arduous courses and served solely with 29 Cdo Regt RA seems to have done him no harm.

    PM me if you need any other info.

  15. As a fat pie munching skip driving hat?, They most likely havnt got any use for you other than driving the jack wagon and giving career advice to other failures..........

    Now do us all a favour and clank clank back to the RAC site :arrow: