Discussion in 'Photography' started by skids, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. Stumbled on this site through another (unrelated) forum.
    A good site combining photography and breaking and entering lol.

    UK Urban Exploration Forums
  2. Hi Skids, my first post here, but not over at 28dayslater - where I have been a member for many years.

    Glad you liked our site, glad you like the pictures - but 'breaking and entering'???

    Nothing could be further from the whole ethos of the site!

    My friend, we do not break in to anywhere - that is criminal damage, and not what we are about

    If you doubt that, then why not join our forum and ask about the best way to 'break-in' - this will prove the point (but only if you don't mind a bit - well a lot - of abuse :|)

    Personally I hate the phrase - but the 'mantra' most often quoted is to "take only photographs - leave only footprints" which does sum it up.

    Remember that in the vast majority of cases trespass in the UK is not a criminal act (there are a few exceptions, railways, military sites etc) any form of 'breaking and entering' turns that civil trespass into a criminal act - why would we do that??

    Please enjoy what we do - but don't lump us in with the vandals, graffiti artists and copper thieves! (we are not all 'chavs' or kids, personally I'm a professional in my late forties, and far from the oldest member - that would be an ex-Colonel in his late 70's!) Many of our members are ex-forces, and quite a few of our 12,000+ members are current ones!

    So please - enjoy what we do - but don't miss-label us (we have the UK gutter press for that :shakefist: )
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  3. It's a good site visit it from time to time to have a nosey when I'm at a loose end worth a visit
  4. Sorry to have caused offence, 1st impressions and all that! I have joined this morning (before your reply) and look forward to being a part of the site.
    I only have a point and shoot at the moment but will soon be getting a digital compact to start me off.
    Apologies again
  5. No probs matey - look forward to seeing you over there!

    edit: - your posts over there will be moderated for a short while - it doesn't last long - its just to keep the spammers and idiots away!!

    oh - and lots of members use compacts!
  6. ...and this is Arrse. Why pursue a poster over here to correct a rather dull and subjective point, namely that you don't break and enter but you do trespass? Grow a pair.
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  7. If there are no pictures of naked women, I am not interested.
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  8. Corrected

    Oh and NWEX is a good site for NW urban explorers.
  9. Now don't be putting your fantasy's in my posts.
  10. Hi Uryts

    Very interesting site.
    I worked on a short series of programmes with Nick Catford of Sub Brit for Nat Geographic.

    We went to some mazing sites including Dollis and Corsham. It was the rumours of some of the Central London 'sites' that were particularly intriguing.

    We have a load of belligerent old buzzards on this site - don't take offence. Trespass is a subjective term.
  11. One of my favourite photo collections on 28DL was the german coal mine changing rooms (no naked men sadly)

    A long chain would be padlocked to a numbered peg on a wall, the chain went up to ceiling height to a pulley then down to a large cage that contained the miners clothes and personal belongings. The cages were hoisted into the air, the chain was locked off with a padlcok, no key, cant get the cage down etc, the room had ******* hundreds of these cages, eery as ****.

    err I mean great photography.
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Because he has a valid point, and photographers get enough shit already as things stand.
    If you don't like it, bog off to a military part of this site and herrumph there instead.
  13. quite a few squaddies (mostly ex-squaddies) involved in this.

    i know one particular Green Jacket who is heavily involved.

    i admire what they do - they show us things we don't normally see.
  14. Herrumph