28BR/280UK you are the weakest link goodbye.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 280brooklands, Jan 19, 2004.

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  1. It appears NATO has finally had enough of 280 (UK) Sig Sqn, well its about time. Since being reduced to a squadron they have;
    Installed NATO comm's across Bosnia from 1996-present having to leave a detachment permanently at BLMF.
    Muddled there way through a Kosovo tour in 1999.
    Cobbled a CGS detachment together which by sheer luck could deploy when Telic kicked off. The more professional German,Danish,Multinational CGS's had much more important issues to discuss back in thier PTL's. These issues were so weighty infact that the Brit NATO Sig Sqn was called on again to deploy with German DCM's equipment 3 months later to support a Polish HQ in Iraq.
    I am glad that NATO has cast us Brits aside, they had no experience of NATO communications system and they were totally reliant on other nations for all the HRF excercises and deployments.
    Goodbye 280, NATO will be a lot better off without you. Infact lets go further and remove all Brits from NATO posts. No more Brit instructors, no more Brit staff in key roles in Italien HRF's and certainly no more Brits doing the sh*te jobs that union card carrying other nations refuse to do.
  2. You sound bitter 8O
  3. 280Brooklands, could you please just confirm something for me, I was under the impression that the Squadron was not closing just down sizing to a troop over the next twelve months then moving to Brunsen (not sure if thats spelt right)by 2007, to be closer to it "customer".

    Has this changed to a complete closure ??

    If it is only a downsizing do you know whta trades or posts will be going as I was looking at a posting their later this year.

    Many Thanks
  4. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    X Dont do it man!!!!
  5. Is it that bad, I have my posting order now.
  6. Is it that bad, I have my posting order now.
  7. X Mech yes there will be a Troop at Brunnsum. You can fully experience a multinational HQ. Why not visit the American run POL point and meet Pumper of the week (really no joke they put there picture up and everything). If a Dutch officer ever gives you a speech about "walking next to your shoes" I think its a good thing.
  8. Go for it X-Mech, Brilliant place Brunsum.

    I did 2 years at Brunsum in an international post (ASG) turned out to be the best posting of 22 years 'Sappering' for Queen & Country.

  9. Aaagh bless 280...the voice of reason in the crazy mess that is NATO. Brooklands, I'm glad you haven't lost your 'LOVE' of all things NATO. I have heard a couple of versions from different sources. One Ex DCM bloke heard that the Sqn was pulling out completely but a source within the Sqn verifies that a troop will remain and move to Brunssum.

    I have to agree with Brooklands however, that it can be a very trying time. Johnny foreigner just does not have the same work ethic as us Brits. It does make me wonder who will do all of the s**t jobs if the Brits do go. The only other nation that actually got lemoned as much as the Brits was the Yanks. If they are left to do everything then God help us!!

  10. Can I just say that I had no idea that 280 were for the chop/being massivley scaled down. Every time I worked with them, they delivered top notch product consistently - perhaps this is an example of being beggared by success??

    280brooklands - cheers! :D
  11. Brooklands I know a little bit about this well actually rather a lot and your facts are slightly off mark on the demise of your Sqn.
    You could perhaps claim constructive dismissal but not sacking by NATO.
    It is a UK decision to disband the Sqn not a NATO one. Of course NATO are partly to blame in only equipping the unit in the last 4 1/2 years with one Troop's worth of equipment. UK could not reasonably be expected to perpetuate an establishment with expertise that could be put to better use elsewhere in a Corps which is well stretched.

    Its a shame but it is also reality.
  12. 280B, it is a shame that 280 is going to be 628 (UK) SIG TP, I have seen the downscaling of the Regiment serving at both. The only advantages of the Tp are that it is run by a Capt and a Ssgt (not a bad thing), and that all personel will be employed. You know how log it was before we got any kit that was in working order, they have been promised another ISM next Jul. They are also getting rid of the shite L.O.S.s in favour of the U.I.E and T.S.T.G, so all in all an altogether better unit. The work load is expected to be the same as before, with the brits leading Comms in N.A.T.O. :wink: 8)
  13. New guy on the block.

    Could you tell me did this unit used to be 28 sig regt BFPO 35.
  14. Yes mate, it did, and it will soon be 628 Sigtp

  15. Anyone here posted to 28(BR) SIG. Regt. in the mid to late 1980's? .. especially techs?? or anyone from 16Sigs in Krefeld?