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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by two_of_seven, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Hello

    Does anyone know if this unit puts its people thru the commando course?

    & what trades they have on offer @ the Romford troop?
  2. As they are part of 100 regt then it's possible. However there is a slim to none chance of it ever happening. They're supposed to be an airborne troop and havn't sent anyone to my knowledge on p-coy for over 2 years. So the chance of getting on the AACC is non existent. You can train for most trades within the RA there. Medic, driver, OP, Light gunner etc. But in all truth you're mor than likely to get trained as a light gunner. 201 batt killed any chance of any courses like P-Coy or AACC as most of them are too jack to attempt it but still want to swan around looking the part in thier, undeserving, maroon lids.

    Having said that, although a few of the guys who I knew there have left, 289 have some cracking lads there and it's a very freindly place to be.
  3. 289 esat ham - now romford - was the TA commando battery before the wise decided to reduce it to a troop of 266 para battery in bristol - just in time for 29 commando regt, the regulars, to go on telic one with a whole battery of people missing - well done the regulars - just bloody brilliant.

    289 had more para trained pax than 266 ever had - so swapping t the para role was no big deal.

    now 289 tp (still at romford) is part of 201 battery (luton) and is airborne in support of 7 regt royal arse hortillery in colchester and 266 is going commando in bristol in support of 29 commando in plymouth, poole and arbroath.

    266, 201 and 289 are all part of 100 regt RA (V)

    i bet you can do either the all arms commando course and/or pcoy from any of their locations, but it makes sense to go where the experience is - so romford will be able to deliver both unless all the good guys that were there a few years ago have left.
  4. Didn't they(289) have a troop in Bournemouth back in the early 90s? drill hall is still there, although it's an antique auction house now I think.

    Sorry, off post
  5. 289 had an NGS troop based in Poole if my memory serves me right. We had a few "Ninjas" in East Ham back in the early 80's but I think they all went south.

    As for the MoD fecking theTA up - 289 Bty is a prime example. Well recruited and maintained a high establishment of commando qualified gunners with wings up, excellent mil skills and attitude - a real shame they were stabbed in the back. Once lost its hard to get back.
  6. Whilst we havent set any lads on p coy from 289 troop for a while theres a few doing it at end of november (myself included if im up to it). 3rd times a charm?!
  7. Get your facts straight!!!!!!

    I'm Ex- 289 and there were plenty of people attemping P-Coy or AACC when I was there!!!!! only a couple of years ago
  8. As mentioned n previous reply im doing p coy with 289 troop in november along with several others
  9. Exactly.

    Things changed since then. I am very good mates with the last 289 guy to attempt P-Coy (passed) and he done it about 2 and a half years ago.

    However I am more than willing to eat humble pie if what bade said is true and they are sending guys on P-Coy again. Which is what I heard was happening but never saw anything come of it.

    Good luck when you attempt it mate. It'll be good to see 289 filling its ranks with airborne gunners again.
  10. Beer man.... It will be a shame if it has changed..... Good luck Bade
  11. Thank you for the good luck messages. Unit on camp for next 2 weeks up at Otterburn. 1st training night back is tues 21st 8-10pm. Bade
  12. sniggers...
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  13. G'day. I've just joined here and haven't read much of the thread, so you may have been answered.
    Yes, NGS troop, 289 CDO, was in Bournemouth. I spent 6 months with them (never got as far as Lympstone, but did do the 2 weeks at Woolwich). I signed out to join the R.E. That was in '89, when the MoD suddenly decided to cut 56,000.
    The bastards never even bothered to notify me, so I turned up at Gibraltar barracks all bright and cheery, only to be told there was no intake and wouldn't be for at least 6 months.
    So I tried to join the US Marines. I couldn't believe it!, NGS troop...British weekend warriors....were 10 times more professional, superior in training and fitness. So after the orientation course, I declined to go any further and went and joined the Legion!. Even there, things I learnt in 6 months of 289 TA were not even covered until the corporals course.
  14. Got to be a wind up? :?:
  15. NGS troop at Bournemouth has long scine gone (a victim of options for change) I belive some of the lads went to Bristol, others to southampton HVM battery. A real good bunch of lads, All para & commando trained & actively supporting 29 & 148 Cdo Reg RA. As per usual, some MOD pen pusher has fucked thinks up as usual. I would be interested to know if any re-unions are planned? Need a good excuse to go out & get wasted.