280 Not as bad as it sounds!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by S_A_P, May 18, 2004.

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  1. contary to popular believe 280 is ok. I know i writ that stuff on the other post but i was just yanking everyones chain. There is nothing wrong with the sqn.
    Lets not jump on anymore bandwagons!!
    Lets all put aside our petty differences and have one big group hug!!! Cant we all just get along??!!!
  2. Bore off
  3. S A P,what are you talking about for some the place can't close soon enough,for others the uncertainty of waiting for that next posting(ahhh the uk) is not a great prospect.
    saying that i must thank the ssm for trying(but failing) to improve my casualty evacuation,and for the several kicks up the ass on the last battle camp.
  4. Obviously you either work in the training wing or have done your skill at arms either way you can't tell where you lot start and a certain person finishes you bunch of arse lickers.
  5. Ah yes reasoned debate slightly tempered with utter sh1te, whinging about SSM`s and crap units.

    Dont forget the rest of the Army look in at our Corp board, and your doing a nice little job of putting the Sigs across as a bunch of whinging fecks.

    There is so much going within the Corp and the Army as a whole yet all you can post about is complaints from ITD`s.

    Yawn... Save it for the NAAFI
  6. Who cares if the rest of the Army look at our Corp board, Its not my fault 280 is the way it is, unless you have been at 280 you will not have a clue what i'am talking about.
  7. And I dont give 2 sh1tes whether 280 is the bees knees or a poo one, What I do care about is this board being used to house whinging crap of no real relevance by selfish individuals.

    Mr Spock, Capt Kirk, Mr MCoy are obviously the same person maybe S_A_P too.

    Your posts are just wasting bandwidth. I think its time the moderator starting curbing your expressions as they spoil the content of this board.

    I think I will phone the SSM of 280 next week, have a little chat so to speak. Maybe you should stop wearing your Star Trek kit in public from now on.
  8. Thats just it isn't it! who cares what you think and what you think you know.

    It may be winging crap of no real relevance so what, if you don't like it don't read it. So as my good friend MrSpock would say

    Bore Off
  9. More bleeps whinging. I'm starting to wonder if anyone in your organisation actually enjoys the Army. If not, leave, and spare us your tortured agonising about various hierarchies.

    I have found during my stint in the Army that those individuals who whinge the most tend to be the worst elements in any case, so I guess your absence won't be missed.

    Get a grip. Out.

    PS This post is not intended as deliberate flaming - it's a serious point of view. Cheers :D
  10. must say my time at 280 was not the horror show that every one makes out. each post is what you make of it. lets put it this way not many people on the shop floor would know a hard days work if it banged up a salute and presented itself.
  11. Dear DR McCoy,

    I was interested that you referred to training wing/SAA Instructors as "arse lickers" . I joined the Sqn 2 years ago when there were no skillies and the place was full of winging techs & operators honking on about how boring the Sqn was.

    Tired of listening to all the constant whining and bitching in the Troops I completed my skillies and am now employed in the Training Wing, sorting out mil training for all you bitches only for you to piss and moan about that as well.

    I wouldn't mind if you got off your fat arses and sorted out some trade training for the more junior members of the Sqn. However, you seem far more interested in complaining about having to brush up on your basic soldiering skills which, lets face it, you are all pretty crap at as well as hanging out of your arses on PT; it's not that hard and i'm no athlete!

    I'm sure you know who this is by now, so let me tell you straight, I'm no arselicker, just a combat tradesman trying to make a career in a Corps full of fat, lazy, backstabbers who are handed their careers and ranks on a plate only to get their Sergeant and go RD anyway. Futhermore i'm coming back next month and if you have somthing to say to me I suggest you say it to my face and don't bitch like a f**cking wife at a coffee morning!
  13. shut it ye fanny stop arse licking
  14. shut it ye fanny stop arse licking