28 yr old Irish wants to enlist..advice,suggestions,opinions wanted!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by irishdude!, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys

    Right I know I'm getting on a bit to be considering a career in the Army..But I'm in good shape, I run 2 miles in 14 min's and 5 in 40. My push ups arent so great though, but that is a prob I am currently addressing. I speak mandarin.(not the orange variety !:p)

    I rang the recruiters office and he said I could get the dvd pack, but I cant because of the country I'm living in..So I'd have to travel to the UK to apply. The waiting list is 3 to 6 months? Is it possible to get a more accurate time frame figure? I dont wanna be ringin em all the time with SFQ'S(stupid f'in questions) and I'd like to save money on flights to and from if possible...

    Are my chances reduced due to my age and the fact I'm married to a Chinese national?And not to mention I'm Irish?

    And which reg should I go for? I know there all good! But opinions/suggestions would be welcomed..My mate's mate who served in the BA suggested the Grenadier Guards? I'd be happy in any infantry role as long as I got to 'leave the house'

    How much more abuse would I get for being Irish?

    Thanks in advance!Great site by the way!

    Q. Did yah hear the joke about the bin? A. Its rubbish
  2. You'll get no abuse for being Irish... gay, disabled, muslim.... and so on.... if on the other hand you are Ginger.... you may want to consider a career in terrorism as there is less of a stigma attached.
  3. Try getting in touch with a recruiting office in NI
  4. I joined at 26, so no worries on the age front. You will actually find you will be treated more maturely and professionally, provided you act it. And I know plenty of 30+ year olds that can out run most sprogs. Infantry sounds perfect for you if you are definitely keen for ground work.

    What about the Irish Guards? Good lads. Not sure about how it works though, being an Irish Citizen. Certainly won't get any special treatment/abuse for it.

    InVinoVeritas is right though. Don't be ginger. Don't even pretend. And certainly don't marry one. And if you do, don't have babies. Everyone knows that Charles Darwin left them out of the evolutionary chain because he didn't know how to paint anything uglier than a monkey.

  5. Irlsgt is right - get yourself to a recruiting office in Northern Ireland - will save you on the flights. Look at the Irish Guards or Royal Irish Regiment - plenty of lads from the Republic in both.
  6. Hi Lads

    Thanks alot for the replies. I'll get all my questions together and ring one of the NI recruiting offices today. I live in China so thats what I meant by saving money on flights... Would work out very f'in expensive just to find out I'm too crap! lol

    Yea I was looking at the Irish Guards and the Royal Irish Reg. Gotta say the training in the Royal Irish Reg looks bad ass.But they all look good to be honest.

    Have spent hours on the army.mod site. Doing those tests, they look simpler than they are!DOH!

    And thankfully I'm not ginger...poor ba*tards..They get the raw end in all walks I'd imagine,haha. But did u know that in a hundreds years time there'll be no more gingers? They're a dieing breed.

    Thanks again for the replies
  7. hey irishdude! I'm from the south myself and just completed ADSC today.

    I applied through Portadown Careers Office and have had no problems so far. Them or the office in Eniskillen seem to be where most from the south apply.

    Also, I'm 24 and the age thing hasn't made a difference and there was a few older than me at Pre Selection too!