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28 YO - Regs or Reserves?

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Hi All,

I realise that I am opening myself up for quite a ribbing here, especially from the old sweats - but want to share my position, which I am sure is not unique - to both help others and gain a better understanding of my own position.

I have always had a massive interest in the military, but chose during University go into the world of business VS following my heart at that age.

Working in business has been good for me, I am 28 and have my own marketing consultancy business, and a shareholding in another rapidly growing engineering business. I earn a decent living, have my own home and have plenty of time for my own interests. Life is comfortable.

I split up from my long term partner a couple of years ago, which really does make you consider everything.

Instead of rushing to join the military at a point of crisis in my own life as a knee jerk reaction (tempting!) - I have waited for life to stabilize, and have applied to the Army back in April (2019) and passed the initial officer assessment/interview which brings me to this point, with my medical in the new year.

The split and the release of the upcoming mortgage/family ties etc has opened up so many different opportunities for me, with the Army being high up on the agenda. It made me realise just how quickly my life could have passed me by.

So... the decision:

I am struggling to decide whether to join as an officer (AOSB pass depending) in the regular army or the reserves.

I know there are clear advantages to both - with the reserve allowing me to enjoy my relatively successful civvy career whilst enjoying a limited but worthwhile military career, and the regular army providing a full time soldiering career and all that is involved with it.

I am not asking for any answers, but more shared experiences and thoughts.

Thanks in Advance,

100% - join the Regular Army.

No strings attached, no commitments, take this opportunity and do it now. You'll only ever think 'What if?' if you don't.

The Reserves are only for people who can't commit due to their civvy lives getting in the way. You have no barrier to doing this properly.
Join the Reserves. Join a good unit like 4 Para or 131 Commando Squadron RE and enjoy your soldiering without all the f*ckwittery that goes on the the regular army. If you have established a good career already don't give that up if you like it. It is a lot easier to leave the reserves if you don't like it you just sack it. You can do attachements to the regular army with Full time reserve engagements if they are available.


I'm much like you, 28 years old and on a good wage.

I have taken the plunge and attend Sandhurst in May, joining the regulars!

Opportunities on the outside will always be there, but our age means that the door for a regular commission is closing quickly.

If you need a hand with AOSB prep, send me a PM.

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