28, too old for Infantry?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Damo510, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. I've got my paperwork in to tranfer from the Artillery to the Infantry. I've been in 4 years and I'm a lance jack.
    Today I had my interview with my RCMO who said that it would be bad for my career to transfer to the Infantry, partly because of slower promotion and also because of my age, I'm 28 years old. He said that I'll probably lose my rank for approx. 3 years which will probably then put me in a redundancy bracket when Tranche 3 hits. And because of me being older that will put me against younger guys of equal rank who wont be considered for redundancy because they'll be around 10 years younger than me.

    Anyone got any ideas if this is a fair assessment and I should reconsider or is he just using scare tactics to try and keep me in the Arty?
  2. Why not stay arty and go airbourne or marines. At 28 Id presume you to be fit even thinking about going infantry, why not let your artillery career progress and diverge into other more potentially interesting areas?
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  3. Why would you lose the rank for 3 years?......just ask if you can do the first NCO cadre in your new unit (and make sure that you pass the fecker!) not even sure about the slow promotion bit either?

    There's young Toms doing JNCO Cadre's after their first tour, so you will have a lot of competition, but Support Platoons always need experienced bods e.g Mortars.

    You do know that your nickname will be 'Dropshort' or worse?
  4. You are already artillery, what is there to lose going for 148 Bty or 29 Cdo?

    You got Lance Jack in Artillery for a reason, why throw that away?
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  5. BC - I want a different challenge than what I get from the Artillery.

    NS123 - He said I'd lose rank for about 3 years because I'd be looked at like I had come straight from training and have to wait along with everyone else for promotion. The promotion being slower bit apparently comes from the amount of PID's at the different ranks as you move up them. He said there's a lot more full screw/stripey/staffy/WO2 PID's in an Arty regt so I'd be best off here. But I figure if I work hard then I'll get promoted. When there is space.
  6. I think your RCMO is trying to hang on to you!!

    Having been an Inf Coy Comd until v recently, I for one sent soldiers on NCO Cadres who deserved it, regardless of if they were 18 or 30. I had some v good JNCOs with v little experience. If you are up to scratch then there is no reason why you couldn't be on a cadre well within a year. Any OC worth his salt would certainly take your previous experience into account.

    Can't comment on the strict comparison between numbers at each rank but if you can pass Junior Brecon then you will be pretty much guaranteed full screw and onwards to PSBC. Its all about your desire and skills.

    As an aside, I know of an ex gunner who was commissioned into the Inf in his v late twenties so go for it!!
  7. OK look at the bigger picture of what the RCMO is warning you of...it makes sense. Transfers will soon become a thing of the past with the JOB OFFER letter all new Recruits sign to say they can only transfer if MOD says ok to save money on the cost of retraining. With the budgets getting tighter and more redundancies in the pipeline on paper who would be top of the list if it came down to soldier a and B...some one who has been in say 6 years who has been an Infantry soldier all his career or someone who transferred in and not as experienced at that job. Also if the RA needs to get rid who will they choose the soldier whos happy in the job or the soldier whos wanting to transfer...........just a friendly peice of advice in this uncertain times...dont make waves and listen to the advice of those in the know like your RCMO.....Im sure this will get crayoned on.
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  8. Damo check your pm.
  9. Sounds sensible. Damo, I retraded, one thing to consider is that you will ALWAYS be fighting to catch up with yourself and slide in to various slots before too much time elapses. Knowing what I do, would I still do it? Yep, but I didn't have that much choice my trade was sh1tcanned.

    Depending on your trade you could bring a lot to the Infantry, and they will use it. You will have a wider skillset, and possibly tour experience. But you also give alot up. At 28 and a former LBdr you will be, possibly, getting gripped by younger LCpls who may (in your eyes) be not as good. Can you deal with that sort of thing?

    The choice is yours, and yours alone. The RCMO has said what he thinks, why not see if you can get in touch with an Inf RCMO for their take? Perhaps heven the Div RCMO you wish to join.

    From what I have seen of you guys you have plenty of chance to do Infantry type work, the Bn wont be any better than your Regt.

    Why not try out for some of the crunchy roles in the RA (mentioned but reiterated Para, Cdo, Miekilia/Spec OP) or even try for SF? Ask about E2 slots that may interest you.

    As mentioned above, you're likely to get only ONE shot at retrading... make it count.
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  10. Have you looked at 4/73?
  11. Yeah, 4/73 has been an option. But want to do a bit more than static OP's etc.
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  12. Why not do selection or PF? Perfect age for it; more pay; no worries of redundancy etc.
  13. Must be catching - someone from my era did similar (RA to KOSB, in his case).

    A few years earlier, a REME Sgt (granted, he'd done all-arms para) transferred into the Royal Scots, and made it to WO1...
  14. 4/73 do a fair bit more than static OPs, i'd look into it
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