28 stone and 7 YEARS OLD!

Jesus Christ. That is fucking appalling.

Why isn't that sprog in care then?
Oh my fcuking god. Thats almost beyond words. This life saving operation, you think it involves a chainsaw?


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28 stone !! Parents need shooting. :pissedoff:
Her parents need shooting.

And she needs to be harpooned.
crabnomore said:
28 stone !! Parents need shooting. :pissedoff:

Seconded. This is just utterly sick.


From The Insider website :

February 15, 2007

The Return of 400-Pound Jessica

If this little girl's story touches you, send your thoughts and support by clicking HERE. "The Insider" will pass along your messages to the family. Thanks to the thousands who have already written in!

For the past three weeks we have brought you the story of JESSICA, the young girl who reached 400 pounds and was forced to get around by rolling because her morbid obesity made it difficult to not only walk, but even to breathe.

But happily, a dramatic transformation has begun for the bright little girl. "The Insider"'s VICTORIA RECAÑO traveled to Jessica's hometown just outside of Knoxville, Tennessee, where she was hospitalized with breathing problems.

Soon after her hospital stay, Jessica was able to take the first steps in battling her weight as she headed to a children's hospital in Virginia. It was there where she successfully lost nearly 300 pounds!

Although significantly smaller and now capable of doing what other children her age do -- like playing with a hula hoop -- Jessica still suffers from the ramifications of being overweight for so long.

Jessica gradually became bow-legged as she grew, her legs unable to withstand the pressure from the extra pounds, resulting in a number of surgeries to help repair her legs.

Pins and braces were implanted in her legs to help straighten them and they will most likely be removed in the next few weeks.
To see how Jessica looks now, watch tonight's "Insider."


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Surly when they went to bouny their 2 year old on their knee and it shattered the pateller they must have thought something wasn't quite right!!
I want to eat it out
*retch* I can feel me dinner coming back.

It's nowt to do with the wee fat bitch, I just ate 2 kebabs :D
Planky_grandson said:
did it eat the geordie boy?

tea + nose = messy keyboard!!

Sir, I salute you :D :salut:

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