28 Signal Regiment ... 1964

Anybody out there who served at this unit and yet to drop me a line?

Would love to hear from you, particularly if you were at Francisca Barracks in Forstwald, which I believe was commonly called St Tonis...

Am trying to trace one of your oppos, Taff Kelly, aka Cpl. Brian James Kelly -- even if you can't bring me up to date, any memories at all of him would be fabulous.

This is a continuing search on behalf of my other half, who is finally starting to realise -- bless 'er! -- that my having been in the Corps during the 80s doesn't really give me a head start on finding somebody who had served two decades earlier...

So, anyone there from 28SR -- or any other unit -- recall Taff Kelly?
Hi - I served in 28 Sigs between late 1964 to late 1967. However the name Kelly does not ring a bell. Too many years have gone by to remember everyone who served in that illustrious place - Fransisca Barracks. It was a right dump.

Good luck on your search.

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