28 Regt moving?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Nobby Sapper, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. Anybody got some intel as to where 28 (currently Hameln) are moving to?

    Duty rumour heard today is that they are re-roling as Air Support and moving back to the UK, to either Grantham or more likely RAF Scampton.

    My concern is that I am now a weak willed civvie and live about 4 miles from Scampton. My village has 1 pub, and whilst an influx of "Gods Finest Hairy arrsers" will un-doubtably seem like a lottery pay out to the landlords, I have a daughter to consider and I don't need her being violated by filthy Wedge cock.

    Also all the bars in Lincoln are chocca with student totty types, so no room for any "Zulu Warrior" shenanigans.

    PWOG Bks is the better option.
  2. I though 28 was being disbanded...
  3. The plot thickens............

    They lost their Amphib role eons ago.
  4. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    can't you just lock up your daughter then rent her out by the hour like the rest of the locals do?
  5. Whilst I respect your entrepreneurial spirit, she's 11.
    I'm looking at the long term here.
  6. Basing announcement was due in December...Wait, Out.
  7. We have been waiting on an announcement about 14 Sigs moving since Dec. Apparently we are finding out on Thursday.
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  8. 28 are going, struck from the ORBAT. The final Hameln weekend and freedom parade is the 06 Jul this year
  9. I suppose it's more dignified than being relocated to Gib Bks and splashing about in Hawley lake.
  10. So Miss NS will be free to trawl our village streets and get safely shitfaced with her mates then, without fear of Wedge molestation. When she's atleast 13.

    Thanks CAARPS.
  11. During the freedom parade a Piper will appear and lead all of 28 into a secret cavern in the Hills...never to be seen again!
  12. Wow. Best dig out my old 23 Sqn sweatshirt (light blue with black silhouette of a pie filling) might be worth a bob or two soon.
  13. And that wouldn't be "Sexy Hills", because all of 28 are gayers.
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  14. I have my 45 Sqn T Shirt, sweatshirt and drinks coaster. Not forgetting my working 'Tommy' Traction Engine.
  15. Ducky.