28 March 1633


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On this day in 1633, King Charles 1 gave to Sir John Hepburn a Warrant to raise a Regiment for service in France.

Thus was born The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment).

In 2006, following 373 years unbroken service to the Crown, the government got rid of this Regiment (and many other great and historical names).

Today therefore is the Regimental Day of The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) and I ask you to join me in saluting this great Regiment.

For some good reading on the RS, take some time to go through these pages: Heritage | The Royal Scots
Any excuse for a wee dram.........Slàinte.

There's a few people in Scotland who could do with reading up on some of the Scottish regiments and their loyal service to the crown!
Munster.. late 70s. 2nd(?) Battalion Royal Scots. What a bunch of Animals! :rofl:
1979 and 2RTR were moving to Omagh, I was in MT rear party.
9th/12th were taking over Swinton Kasserne and I took two of the MT advance party on a tour of Munster.
We got to Buller Bks at NAAFI break, went in for coffee and a butty. While sitting there, the RS’s Band trooped in in their Trows. Well these two muppets from the 3/4 Lancers only said “Oooh look Rupert the Bear!
Needless to say, I was out the door as quick as my little legs could carry me! The two Lancers came out the window!

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