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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by johnboy1990, May 31, 2009.

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  1. the army being the army have just decided to change my posting from 35 paderborne to 28 hamel. I am going to 23 sqn. Anyone got any info about it? mod website doesnt seem to have much? seems to be an amphibious sqn. im a chippy? so unless im building wooden bridges god knows? any info would be good.
  2. They have all trades in 23 Amphibious Engineer Sqn. I was there and I was an Electrician.

    The Amph Qual is a Spec Qual that you could attain whilst you are posted to them.

    Depending on when you get there will depend on what you will do as at the moment 23 AES are in a slight re-role with only one 'Amph' Troop.

    I'd plan for Rear Party...................
  3. im planning for rear party but im not holding my breath!
  4. Dont go on a rig course!!!!

    Then they have you...and you'll NEVER leave! plus you'll have the joy of being called a riggy tw@t forever! :wink:
  5. Regt aside, I served in 37 (35 Engr Regt) in Hamlen. IMHO (having been in Paderborn on numerous occasions) lady luck has smiled on you. Hameln is beautiful town. Good social life too. I had a wonderful time there. Enjoy.
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I agree Hameln was a cracking if vague 6 weeks of my Career!
  7. And if you're threaders with Hameln, Hannover and Paderborn are under an hour away on the train with frequent services.
  8. Sage words buggrit. :D
  9. so fecking correct, riggie cnuts. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  10. apparently going on tour in october, can anyone confirm that?
  11. Yes, according to wikipedia

    Whether you go is a different matter.
  12. Failing thatm you might go to Korea ;-)
  13. Hence why I said set yourself for Rear Party, you missed 90% of the OPTAG Trg.

    Unless they send you on a IRT Package.

  14. Hameln! Perlease!. Great place Hameln. Paderborne is also a good place but I think Hameln is better. But then its about a hundred years since I was there :D
  15. this is just tittle tattle but iv been told that anyone tipping up now is just put on guard,that would suck like...