28 Engr Regt Dive Team Op Herrick 11 in 2009

Alright guys, I'm looking to contact the guys who were on Op Herrick 11 with the dive team at 28 Engr Regt in 2009 on behalf of a journalist I met whilst working in the US a couple of weeks ago.

The journalist is very pro forces and he's been on numerous embeds with US forces in Iraq and Afghan - no it's not that fruit-loop Michael Yon...

He's looking to speak to the guys who were involved in the recovery of the 2 US servicemen who were tragically drowned in the Murghab River whilst mentoring the ANSF in 2009.

The journalist, Joe, has spoken to the families of the deceased US guys and wants to close the loop on the story by speaking to the RE divers who helped to bring their family members home to them. In his words "the guys are heroes and they deserve to have their stories told".

If you are one of the 6 listed in the article at the link below, or you have comms with them, can you ask them to drop Joe an email at joeiniraq05@yahoo.com or PM and I can get in touch with Joe for them.

Ministry of Defence | Defence News | Military Operations | Royal Engineer divers assist search for fallen US comrades in Afghanistan

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