28 days to eviction from quarter

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by BratMedic, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Eldest son is a Flt Sgt with a 3 bed quarter at Uxbridge, he's been separated for 4 years and has had the quarter for
    2 years. His wife lives elsewhere with the 2 kids aged 7 and 4. RAF says he is no longer entitled to the quarter even
    though he has the kids to stay every other weekend and for weekly periods during the holidays and he needs the space.
    He's just been told he has 28 days to clear the quarter before eviction. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Unfortunately, he isn't entitled to it. The MOD's hard approach and the view that your (individuals) child care isn't their concern.

    Unfortunately, we are bursting at the seams for ALL accommodation. We don't have enough for people with entitlement, let alone no entitlement to occupy.

    It sound harsh, but that's how it stands.
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  3. He needs to check his Pstat is correct and to retain SFA he needs proof of custody of children.
    Every other weekend and a few weeks in the holidays will no doubt not make him eligible to SFA but he should be able to book the welfare house if available.
  4. Unless he has equal custody he is not entitled to a quarter for his kids. Three options: get solicitored-up and go for joint custody; rent/buy civvie accom or suck it up, move back in the mess and cope like a lot of others do. Oh yes, if I was a FSgt at uxbridge in a qtr I wouldn't let my mum fight my battles for me. Especially when she gives enough info to ID me to my mates who will rib me endlessly, just saying like!
  5. I'm not his mum, There are no places in the mess. I'm asking for a bit of advice not fighting his battles.
  6. I did save the gentle ribbing til after the advice though;)
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  7. If there no places in the Mess, where is he going to be accommodated?
  8. Prob SSSA, or another avail mess within 50 miles/ 1 hours commute.
  9. BiscuitsAB

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  10. Biscuits! Behave, he's a very worried Dad who is looking after his grown up son who needs looking after despite reaching the equivalent rank if WO2 in the brylcreem boys!!!
  11. Time is now of the essence, and it is absolutely crucial that he now starts preparing accordingly. I would suggest that he starts by stockpiling essential supplies such as food and water, so that he can sustain his occupation past the 28 day point; that he starts to make preliminary contact with the Forces favourite, the Sun in order to generate publicity; that he initiates an immediate Service complaint and submits it direct to the RAF Board in order that time is not wasted at the lower levels; that he starts to have the windows boarded and doors reinforced; that he considers setting man-traps in both the front and rear gardens; and that, if he has been sick at any point during his career, he make application to H4H for the funds to purchase both a new home and the fixtures and fittings with which to appropriately furnish it.
  12. No it doesn't. As a_o_s says, he needs to have joint custody. TBH he has been very lucky to retain a quarter that he hasn't been entitled to for 2 years. :(
  13. Why doesn't he do what every other squaddie has ever done.

    Nip out and find some local fat slapper to marry, in order to stay out of the block.
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    I know but, but oh ok Im sorry.
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  15. Flight Sergeant - that's three chevrons and a crown IIRC - maybe equivalent to a Staff Sergeant, but certainly not a Warrant Officer unless he has been presented with a Royal Warrant. Come On AOS, I know we were in the same Corps, but were you asleep when we did British Army Organisation etc before we had to study the Handbook on the Soviet Forces.

    Believe its only SNCO and Officers in the Royal Marines, when on board HM Ships, who equate to one rank higher !!