28 Amphib in the Gulf

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MightyGem, Mar 28, 2003.

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  1. Just seen some footage of M3s operating a ferry down on the Al Fawr(spelling??) peninsular.

    Bought back some memories. That was my first Regiment(73 Sqn) out of training back(way back) in 1974.
  2. Nice to see the rigs used in anger at last.  If you look at the photo's of the early briefings there were rigs being used as seating with Booms extended, which was the main op purpose for M2D. (used to be in 23 AES)

    Also FYI Think the Regt is now 28 Engr Regt with only 1 Regular Amph Sqn - 23 Amph Engr Sqn (Sorry for being a pedant) + some TA chaps in UK.
  3. Booms. What's all this Booms malarky. They were called sideswimmers in my day, young fellow me lad!
  4. LOL - Booms as in the crane jobbies to put the ramps in place.  Think they still are sideswimmers but M3s are muich more sexy than M2D.  No more fannying around on the bank - believe you can just splash in and then do the stuff..... but then I could be imagining things (I was after all 2IC and hence knew bugger all!)  

    Still nice to hear the rigs are in use and hope that we don't end up with anymore Digby Jones'

  5. Mighty Gem - Just looked at your profile and seen your from Warrington.

    You sure you're not me ?  They do say it's a small world but this is taking the p*** both served in 28, come from Warrington (well, my Parents still live there!).

    If you say you're married with 3 kids I may have to find religion (or the bottle)
  6. Expand on

    Thats a name I remember from 7 Fd Sqn
  7. If I recall correctly Lt Digby Jones was a Sapper VC who served with 23 Fd Sqn (which became 23 Amph Engr Sqn)

    As with most VCs he died in action

    'On 6 January 1900 during the attack on Wagon Hill (Ladysmith), South Africa, Lieutenant Digby-Jones and a trooper (ALBRECHT, H.) of the Imperial Light Horse led the force which re-occupied the top of the hill at a critical moment, just as the three foremost attacking Boers reached it. The leader was shot by Lieutenant Digby-Jones and the two others by the trooper'

    Call me old fashioned but I would prefer for us not to lose any more Sappers... VC or not.
  8. Ahhhhh

    That Digby Jones  ;D

    Head up arrse brain in neutral today
  9. Hi Happy Hat. No, I'm definately not you. I've only got two kids (I hope!). Anyway, having done 24 years and a pad's brat to boot, I don't come from Warrington, I'm just living there until my next "posting". ;D
  10. Well they worked, and they worked damn well :!:
  11. Sorry but those "ta chap´s are ex reg´s living in germany , thank you very much ;-)
  12. megadeth - I sit corrected, Just as I was leaving Pete Davey was setting up a TA Sqn / Tp (?) in Hameln for the ex regs in the area. However, I'm sure there were some TA chaps in the UK (down in the Shot - 417 Amph rings a bell) admittedly most of them are ex regs and they certainly used to have reg PSIs.

    Are you still from around Hameln way?
  13. My old TA regt, 78 Engr Regt, had 227 Amph Sqn based at Church Crookham, but went to the great arrse in the sky after SDR!
  14. M2B's . a few years ago, but they were'nt even good in their day, (ex 64sqn @ 28wksp) .

    How is Hameln nowa day's, still good for a piss up. :lol: