27th November 2011

Discussion in 'REME' started by RossRogers, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. Not sure if is the right section as i am new to this website but was just looking to see if anyone will be starting there REME phase 1 training on sunday 27th november at bassingbourn? And if anyone can give an overview of the first week ? Any help is appreciated and look forward to any replies.

  2. First week: Sign lots of paperwork, Get lots of new kit, Iron and polish lots of new Kit,
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  3. Just what i expected , but on what sort of time scale what does the average day consist of if you get me? Looking forward to go!
  4. 0600 till around 0200 i remember my first week being. The best part is your first exercise which is just an overnight job, just so you know what its like sleeping outside. Best nights sleep Ive had in the last 5 years.
  5. Sounds ... awesome ;) Slept outside plenty times never in the cold of december though haha! You aren't allowed to leave base at all on nights/weekends till after your first six weeks am i right?
  6. If its still the same sketch as when I went through. You have a long weekend at home after 7 weeks. Then in the second half we had one Saturday day realese. I was at Pirbright though. Once the first couple of weeks are out of the way and your into a routine you will spend your evenings and weekends when your not on exercise down the naffi or the WRVS or whatever other facilities you have. Its hard work, but enjoy it. Just remember if your feeling down or not enjoying it, basic training isnt what the army is like.
  7. Ah right and yeah i guess ill just have to knuckle down n be the grey man n just do as im told and enjoy it! I enjoyed selection etc and like the whole meeting new people so think il just crack on and know that it'll get better after basic! Cheers for the help mate!
  8. Thats cheers for the help Corporal.

    You may aswell get used to it now ;)
  9. Yep the grey man,if your user name is your real name then your persec is shite and it needs changing.

    And as for you Drizzle,stop bullying him,he ain't got there yet :)
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  10. Ah and what do you mean by persec? Yes corporal dont be too hard on me yet im not even a crow yet :( :)
  11. Just make him a brew and he'll forget all about it.

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  12. PERSEC - PERsonal SECurity.

    So vital even the cadets are made to do it.

    It basically means keeping your self safe by not sharing important information about yourself from being disclosed to the wrong people.

    TNF - the Trust No ****** rule. Also very important.
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  13. Thank you wise words that i will bear in mind and , as for the tnf rule! Loving that one!!!
  14. Also, I'm just a wee cadet myself but, do please switch on* and try to alleviate the suffering of your DS.(Directing Staff)

    *It means being intelligent, aware and alert. Also, bone, wah or wind ups can be avoided by not asking anything that common sense can tell you eg. Obvious stuff.

    Or simply put. Switch on, wind your neck and don't get gobby = respect and higher standing for promotion
  15. Also sound advice thank you and i know the type of attitude you need my dad is a ssgt at itc catterick instructing so he give a good insight as to what to expect from instructors! Is there any way of finding people who will also be going the same date or a section on here that people often use to ask my question?