27th january

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by snakey123, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi starting basic on 27th january for paras and was just wondering about taking mobile phone and the like with me??

  2. No problem with the phone. But make sure that it and any other 'shiny' items are secured. If you must take ipod of mp3, same detail. Try to minimise attractive (shiny) stuff for your own piece of mind. you will have enough to get on with, without considering what is safe!
    Enjoy and be a sponge. dig in deep when it gets tough. be a grey man when you can and be first on all of the events when you do your test week!
  3. If you take any valuable items keep them secure and out of view, leave them in your locker and use in down time at night. Dont carry them in your uniform as you'll get them confiscated and end up with some kind of punishment.
  4. Hi iron,

    Is it definitley worth taking your mobile phone then?

    Thats the only as such 'valuable' item I will be taking, MP3 players?!, it's certainley not a holiday camp i'll be going too :lol:

    I only ask because it mentions that you are encouraged to bring a phone in various army magazines i've read to keep in touch with home.

    Although you could maybe use a payphone they have on base?, or is it best just to take a mobile, and like you said you at 'down time' the odd time in the night


  5. Depends on your training staff really some turn a blind eye as long as you dont have it in your uniform others may put a total ban.......out of sight out of mind. My sons platoon had all there MP3 players/phones confiscated for the first month due to people breaking the rules when he went through training last year.
  6. I'm going to be at ATR Lichfield Iron if that's any help?

    Someone mentioned Lichfield is one of the stricter ATR's, is this true?

    I believe I'm the last CMS Course there as I heard at the end of April it is being turned into some defence medical centre, something close to that.

  7. all your downtime at night will be spent doing admin

    wouldnt bother with any shiny items bar a mobile phone til after you've passed off the square

    coz quite frankly you wont have the time to use them.