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27th August at Lichfield?

any one starting phase one on the 27th at lichfield?

thanks and sorry to all the old hands who have to keep reading these.
ahhh, bless. ur going on ur own....relax bro, u'l be fine.....

though im wondering whatever happend to my rg8..been waitin over 2 weeks now for the GP to send it back...
"apprently".... this is quite believable this is for when you are in the field setting up your basha although im sure they will be provided... but being of the size and price of tent pegs. it may be worth bringing them. :D i will now 3-4 will do. ( more if you want to be a good mate and give a few 2 ya buddy)


btw why electric razor, good wet shave much more tactical then " vooom vooom "

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